Lost and Found: Why Novelists Are Always Searching


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I found this guy’s finding ability far more fascinating than the exploration of why writers are always searching. I expected the author to have a keen sense of observation combined with perhaps a good sense of physics (where could the ring have possibly dropped/rolled/etc?) and/or human nature (where does this person spend a lot of time?) and to be good at pulling all the info together to create a “most likely” place to begin looking.

Instead, at least based on how it is portrayed, he just has some sixth sense to magically pull the answer out of his mind…

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I thought novelists were always searching because attempting to find that one missing thing has got to feel better than trying to tackle that first draft yet again.

Or maybe that’s just wannabe novelists.

the Wife once lost a contact lens only to find it stuck to the bottom of the sink. This begs the question A) How the hell did it get UP and UNDER the sink, and B) why look up while searching for it?? (and no she didnt reuse it lol)

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