Can you find the iPhone that a woman dropped on the carpet?

I was going to say that this is a trick… she took the photo with her phone so it’s been in her hands the whole time.

Kinda like looking for your glasses on the top of your head (we’ve all been there)


I see it, took me about twenty seconds to find it. To the right of the right leg. It’s facing down, and has a white flower pattern on black background case. Tricksy!

I wonder which took longer - the time it took for people to find it in the picture, or the time it took for them to try the phone out on different places in the carpet to figure out just where to place it before taking this picture of her “dropped” cell phone…


And people make fun of my pink case.


Took me awhile.
Gave up and went to Photoshop for false color. Jumped right out.


that’s the part I don’t get. if it’s your phone, then you already know the color and pattern of your case, you can immediately eliminate the white areas from your search i.e. almost the whole carpet. the search becomes easy.

so, probably not dropped, but like @thekaz says, planted.


Thank you!! I was getting frustrated there!

I wish I could let go, my life would be so much easier.



– Yo dawg, this hideous carpet matches your tacky phone case

– LOL YOLO I have no taste

– It’s like a 70s casino lounge version of camouflage, check it

three minutes of dicking around lining things up

– What a lovely joke [shutter sound]

– Be sure to write “no joke”


(7) Finding lost things
Rule #1: Believe you will find it.

—Tom Sachs, from Ten Bullets

I spotted the phone at first, it was on the gold carpet. But when I came to post about it had turned black and I lost it.


What you did there…


Can, yes. Do I want to? Hells no.


The dress is blue!

/got nothing. I couldn’t spot it either.


OK, Google, where the hell did you go this time?

Thanks. I would have never found it without your hint.

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That’s why we end up using Find My Phone on the site on an almost daily basis. Especially good since it will make your phone play a sound even if it’s on mute - something my wife does and forgets about constantly.


I have to say I did not have much of a problem finding it either but have had situations where even bending to bring eye level to floor have not worked (smaller than iPhone objects) and then i get out a flashlight and illuminate across the floor line while looking for the shadows cast from above.

It does blend in really well to that band of pattern. If I had not known there was something to look for - I doubt I would have seen it.

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Of course it is; many people simply failed to observe the level of over-exposure in the image.

But then acting like idiots by arguing excessively online after the fact was an individual choice.


This text will be blurred


How did you make your HINT blurred like that? Now THAT, is pure magic!! :slight_smile: Very neat. [Yes, I found the phone without any hunting around… but I have an eye for detail and for spotting things that are blurry] ¯_(ツ)_/¯