Apple fans hate easily-marred FineWoven cases

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P.S. I keep seeing people say things like “why didn’t they use Mylo/MycoWorks?” and I just imagine the phone call that may well have happened.

Apple Procurement Manager: Hi! It’s Apple!
Myco Sales Director: Hi! Wow!
Apple: You knew the call would one day come!
Myco: Yes! *laughs* We did.
Apple: Here it is! *laughs*

*both of them are laughing now*

Apple: So, here it comes.

*the laughter becomes more intense. it’s infectious*

Myco: Standing by! Hah.

Apple: Can you have 7 million square yards of MycoFabric to us by July?

*they both erupt in raucious, uncontrollable hysterics, roaring laughter growing to a crecendo of phoneline-clipped pulmonary-threatening mirth. When it finally fades it’s clear that the Apple person stopped laughing first, and the Myco person is now gently sobbing.


Have they considered Lego? (Actually now that I think about it I think there used to be a Lego or compatible case)

You mean not everybody has silk lined pockets?


A rare marketing misjudgment on Apple’s part: that its users were predominantly fades ‘n’ patina types, when most are really wiped ‘n’ unblemished types.

Rare indeed. They usually make these kinds of user-hostile decisions intentionally. Seriously though, I fail to see how Apple selling an easily-damaged, overpriced accessory is news anymore.


Perhaps they should have made them from kirza
Why Soviet “WORST” boot of WW2 were used 72 years later - YouTube

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Pfft. First world problems.


People still bother with phone cases?

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well phones are two pieces of glass with some metal around the outside - do really want to drop that on concrete without a case?

I have a pretty rugged case that even has finger grip indentations as well as a ridge to protect the camera lenses from bonking into (most) things you set the phone upon. It makes it easier to hold, won’t slide backwards out of my pants pocket at the gym, and makes the phone much easier to find in a dark room.


Leather really is a very, very good material, and usually superior to the various plastic stuff.


It sure is good that, unlike leather, making plastic cases that are borderline unfit for purpose and doomed to relatively short lives clearly doesn’t have a significant carbon footprint…


The environmental argument is bovine manure. Leather is a byproduct of meat farming, no one raises animals specifically for leather except for very exotic and expensive hides like alligator or crocodile. Those cattle will be raised whether or not Apple buys leather.

This is simply another case of Apple trying to fob off inferior and cheap materials at a premium price. Their leather was already fairly mediocre to begin with. People will just buy leather cases from other manufacturers, and get better quality and value at the cost of waiting a little bit longer from the release date of a new phone.


If leather looks ragged after a year’s daily use it wasn’t good quality either. It should develop patina but not wear


Apple weaved itself into a fine mess with the awful iPhone 15 FineWoven case

I suspect they meant 'Apple wove itself into a fine mess with the awful iPhone FineWeaved case.

But if Apple does not do some trivial thing to piss off fanbois at least once a year, they have less to fanbois about. Both sides understand this, implicitly.

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Without a case they are way too slippery. Within a day of getting an IPhone 6, before I could procure a case, it slipped out my hand and marred a corner.


Yes, they really should introduce knurling for grip on the phone bodywork now that self-indulgent hack Jony Ive is gone.


There’s an Apple “how to clean” page I’ve found, but while you can remove dirt and maybe stains, it doesn’t have a solution for scratches or indentations.

iPhone case—FineWoven material

To clean your FineWoven iPhone case or reduce the appearance of scratches, first remove your iPhone from the case.

In a clean container, mix 1 tsp. (5 mL) of liquid laundry detergent into 1 cup (250 mL) of water.
Dip a lint-free cloth into the soapy water solution, wring it out slightly, and rub the cloth on the case surfaces gently for 1 minute.
Wipe the case clean with a separate cloth that’s slightly dampened with fresh water.
Dry the case with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, making sure to remove any excess moisture.

The material may look different and show wear over time as the fibers get compressed with normal use. Some scratches may diminish over time.


No, I don’t. So I don’t. Gave up on cases about ten years ago, haven’t missed them.


They need vinylon - a fabric so tough it’s made from coal and limestone. It’s the national fabric of North Korea:


Pay attention to the instructions - terrible face eating things rise from the deep if you rub it for any longer than 1 minute.