A great leather case for the iPhone 6 plus


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I have something similar for my S5. It isn’t great, but adequate.

I would have appreciated more Android-Centric reviews of such things on here. Surely someone on BB staff swings that way?

Let me throw in a recommendation for the similar case from Pad and Quill (http://www.padandquill.com/cases-for-iphone/cases-for-iphone6/the-little-pocket-book-for-iphone-6.html). Very similar, but with a wood tray for the phone and elastic instead of a magnetic clasp - looking like a moleskine when closed. (I wouldn’t want to have a magnet anywhere near my credit cards.)

i’ve used Sena magnetic flipper cases for years - flip down (not annoyingly up), no catch to slow you down, and you flick-snap them shut like an ST:TOS communicator - they have one for the regular size 6, but the Plus is probably too big - this other model looks good - i’ll probably grab one when i get around to “upgrading”

I’ll never understand why iPhone users brag about the design of their phones and then stick them inside ugly wallets and bumper cases that look like truck tires. I’ve only ever known one iPhone user who used it the way it came.

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I knew one person who did. Well, apart from the broken glass on both sides, that was his own modification.


So glad you like this case. I bought the same one off Amazon based only on its looks and price, and love it. Closing it is like closing a book. Email read, text sent, closed - done!

However, I don’t have a cat for independent confirmation that its leatheryness attracts felines, although I have to admit to the odd furtive sniff myself.

How much do the people who make this make? $22 is very cheap.

Mark, isn’t it unwieldy to hold when you use the phone as an actual phone? And are you happy to use this in public places with all your credit cards/cash/toothpicks on display?

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I’m afraid of putting everything in one spot. I’m already afraid that if I lose my phone, I lose a camera, calendar, alarm, language teacher… But to add drivers license, credit card, and worse, my nearly filled coffee shop punch card? No way. Compartmentalization.


On the Android side, the only person I know who uses a case is my sister, and that’s because two toddlers equals lots of drops on her hardwood floors.

Go naked, feel the freedom!

Not the coffee shop punch card!!!

What I’d like to see is a recognition that having a thin phone isn’t that important - most people are just going to put more padding around it anyway. I would much rather have a phone that is 50% thicker and has a decent battery life.


I dunno, when I went from my 3.5" LG to a Galaxy Nexus, the thinness of the Nexus is what kept it from feeling too bulky in my pocket. Then I went from the 4.6" Nexus to a 5" Moto X, the thinness of the X is again what keeps it from feeling too big.

If my phone was thicker, I’d want a smaller screen (which would also help with battery life). But seeing as a smaller screen is pretty much a non-starter this day and age, I’m going to have to deal with a worse battery.

I’ve got an S3 mini, which is about the right size for me. It’s a step down in screen size from my last one, but I find that I don’t really need anything much bigger. The battery life is still terrible though, so I’m thinking of buying a spare battery for when I’m away from home for longer than 8 hours.

After I broke my second Nexus 5 screen in a month, I splashed out on a Spigen Slim Armor View (http://www.mobilezap.com.au/44306-spigen-slim-armor-view-case-for-google-nexus-5-smooth-black.htm). It’s a side-opening clamshell case made out of some fancy rubbery-feeling plastic. The front cover has a window for the top third-or-so of the screen which, although I’ve given up on using the dodgy apps that are supposed to display notifications and turn the screen on when you open the door, is very handy for being able to check the time, see the status bar or answer and take calls without opening the case (which is great for avoiding face-smudge on the screen), and I think it offers approximately as much protection as a full-screen cover. The whole thing is very thin considering the protection it offers, and it gives the phone the appearance of an old-school iPod, which I’ve grown to quite like if only because it looks different to every other phone out there. It’s also thin enough on the back to allow wireless charging and NFC. So far, its kept my phone in mint condition, and I expect it to pretty much stay that way. Only wish I’d been using it from the beginning …

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