Natural-Wood Apple Watch Charging Stand

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I find myself wanting to point out that if the thing didn’t need charging ridiculously often, a pretty charging stand wouldn’t be needed.
Sales are supposed to have fallen off a cliff and it isn’t hard to imagine why.


Why, yes. I do have more money than sense… please, help me correct this problem with your store replete with veblen goods and veblen goods accessories.


For the dog who has everything.

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“This product is already dead” - Ken Shiro

They’re not lasting a day on a single charge? (The people I know who have them seem to really like them, but maybe they’re just justifying the purchase to themselves!)


Well, I love mine. Then again, it was a gift.

I use the watch as often as I like during the day and I have yet to run the charge to below 50% by late evening.

That seems reasonable. Overnight charging is fine in my view. More often would be perhaps disappointing.

For a second I thought this was some sort of parody article mocking the alleged superiority of natural wood over, say, corkboard with a cheap veneer. But no.

I do things. I don’t want shit on my wrist that I have to worry about getting wet or breaking.

I also don’t want my wrist to be injured by dumb shit that’s on it whilst I do things.

That’s my starting point, before they charge $18k for a watch that will be non-functional and obsolete in two years. Fuck that shit. Fuck all that shit. Makes me want to buy an Android phone and build a Linux box, purely out of spite.

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Natural wood? Seriously? If you think ‘articles’ like these aren’t setting off bullshit detectors in major portion of your audience, think again.

Boing Boing is veering awfully close to The Shopping Channel lately. You need to Protect Your Brand™ better, since I bet you’re doing much more long-term damage to your future than any immediate pay off from running commercials like this might justify.


Spite for what? The Apple watch is a pricey luxury. Nobody is forcing you to buy one.

Do it. Do it, do it, do it!

…for bonus points, salvage the phone. And definitely root it, it’s handy. And get it talking well with the server (running dropbear as sshd and busybox crond for scheduling tasks and so on).

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That’s kind of the price we pay the currently-in-vogue “giant screen do-everything phone with a super thin battery”. Was the golden age of “tiny screen do-one-thing phone with a hefty battery” better? Discuss.

Quotation needed? I’m guessing the main reason for people to slow down with the smartphone buying, if true, might just be “because they already have a pretty good one and it’s still working”, not because the smartphone fad is over and no one wants them anymore.

Edit! Oh, hay, I throughly confused watch and phone discussion. Sorry. Carry on.

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Walnut or oak, not apple?

Anyway. Not that I own one, but I read something this weekend that said that the next iteration of the phone OS will expect it to be charged in landscape orientation, so this stand won’t work properly anyway.

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Why reinvent the $85 wheel?

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The iPhone (i.e. smartphone) has been transformational device that is essentially now in over 56% of US citizens’ pockets. (That doesn’t even factor in tablets which are essentially just big smartphones.)

Nothing about the watch seems remotely similar to the phone.

Releasing gold-plated anything at a price that is many times greater than even the value of the gold is a new direction for Apple and further alienates me - a longtime customer - from them.

I really do like my phone/tablet from Apple. I really do like their desktop/laptop hardware and UIs (particularly vs the Windows alternative, and excluding the bizarre new MacBook).

But they seem to be heading in the wrong direction. May a new contender emerge!

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What about a middle way? A quarter-inch thicker phone with battery that can last reasonable time? As a bonus, the phone frame could withstand a bit more abuse instead of bending when you look bad at it.

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Indeed. But our house also already has an Apple Watch. It is the since discontinued small square touchscreen iPod with the silicon band (and Nike+ shoe dongle).

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I think there’d be a place for it. I’m a fan of my iPhone 4S’s size, weight, looks, and do-everythingness. It feels solid, functional and like a design classic in ways the newer (or older) iPhones simply don’t.

If more or less the same thing was available with more modern, faster processors, better camera and some sort of mega battery inside I’d be very interested, myself. Even if it was a bit chubbier in the thickness department.

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