This smartphone anti-slip solution has the best Kickstarter video ever


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Youtube is serving ads for a competitor product over their ad. 2015, man.


The interesting thing is how they seem to acknowledge the relative uselessness of their product throughout the video and the Kickstarter page. It all sounds like a dare someone did that started with “I bet you I can pull off a successful crowdfunding campaign with one item from the hardware store”.


Skateboard grip tape you tards.


I preordered and iPhone 6 and my case was back ordered to a week after I got the phone (thanks apple). It took a while to get used to how slippery the phone was (plus the tiny vibrations/shocks I felt if handling it while charging). As a result, it has a nice chip in one corner. :grin: So I can relate to this video, even if over acted :grinning:, but still funny :laughing:.


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