There's something very odd about the video showing off "Be", a prototype battery-less motorized toothbrush

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That shit right there is criminal.


Kind of reminds me of the “Skarp” laser razor from Kickstarter.


Kickstarter before the internet:

It takes your money but almost never gives you any prize at all.

Seriously, for every book or album being put out by reputable people, it seems there’s a dozen nerd catnip gewgaws that are out and out fake or at the very least, made more of dreams and hope than anything real.


to Be or not to Be.


That is the question…

I’ll Be. taking my money elsewhere. That right there is fraud and should be criminal if it isn’t already. I mean we aren’t Russia! Wait, what? oh, I see… alone for over an hour and a half? so the tape is real evidently… a pppuppet… understood. Da, thank you comrade.


Hey it’s a clever idea if they can get it working. How about windup sex toys next? Fifteen seconds is plenty of time for me.


Whether 'tis nobler in the end to suffer the ripoffs and cons of late-stage capitalism
Or take punts against the odds of profit, and by gambling lose them?


Great work, if you can get it. And you can live with yourself.

Criminals are gonna crime.

Please tell me that was kickstarted…

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Seriously, just get an Oral B or Philips Sonicare. It’s totally worth it. I have had a 180 turn with oral health, and this tooth brush is part of it.

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Is it more credible than…



I…have one that operates via a tiny hand crank. It’s pretty much just a novelty (still in-box and everything), but it is rather charming.


This response does not surprise me in the least. I figured that if there’s a place where you can find a person who has a steampunk sex toy, this is it.


Probably don’t have enough springpower to last. It’s definitely a problem when your sex toys suffer from premature ejaculation.

A thought occurs. I have a flashlight where you have to shake it to charge it. Turn that into a vibrator and you have a lady sex toy that requires you to jack it off first.


Google image search said it was labeled as a DIY claw crane. Seemed appropriate.

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One only has to start remaking vintage vibrators. (And yes, they were for sexual purposes.)

That would be the 1869 (actual date) Steam-Powered, Coal-Fired Manipulator. (If that seems scary, it beats the pneumatic, compressed-air powered one, that could explode.)


…which also happens to be an accurate description of the current POTUS.


I read “punts” as “pints”

So who is this skeptic who produced the (delightful) takedown video? He deserves a hand. I wish there were more folk like him…


That just irritates me. I suspect it wasn’t conceived as a flat-out fraud, because there are less involved, less exposed ways to do that. More likely they had the idea, and thought “hey that’d make a good kickstarter”, but their enthusiasm for the upfront cash turned out to greatly exceed their enthusiasm for following through.

My guess would be that they still vaguely think this is happening, but are gradually realising that they’re years from shipping a product, if they can even design it first, and instead of receiving heaps of money and praise, they will henceforth be rapidly losing both.

The stupid thing is, people know Kickstarter projects are low-budget, embryonic ideas. That’s the whole point. There’s no need to lie and pretend to be slicker than you are, as if you were pitching to Silicon Valley VCs. This just ruins it for everyone else.

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