Watch: Cornstarch flamethrower is awesome




That looks like a homemade version of a dust pump I used while making a music video back in high school. It used a fine silica powder, which I’m sure is just as flammable as corn starch.

If only we’d thought of strapping a propane torch to the end of it our video for “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas would have been so much better.


Finally! Something I can gladly wear for open carry day at the local Denny’s.


I’ve been saying for years they should outlaw corn starch. Won’t somebody think of the children?


We’ll always have non-dairy creamer.




You can take my non-dairy creamer when you pry it out of my cold, decaffeinated hands.


It’s the look(s) on his face that really sells it.


as a first incarnation it’s ok, but he needs to work on getting the air:fuel ratio consistent (and adjustable) so that it does more than just belch fire.


You’ve heard of exploding grain elevators? This is more of an exploding grain moving sidewalk.


When I try out my homemade cornstarch flamethrower - and I do! - I like to do it while standing in a patch of dry, dead weeds. For the fun!


Yes, I agree. Children would have been much more combustible than paper zombies.


No! Bad!


While billions around the world starve, we burn food for amusement. That’s obscene.


I know, right. Think of all those people that could be sitting down to a nice hot bowl of oobleck.
It gets worse, too.


Yeah, in version 2.0 the leaf blower should be powered solely by indignation.


for a sure-shot of improvised hellfire, nothing beats a SuperSoaker full of gasoline. They’re single use, the heat deforms the hoses, but far more impressive stream and coverage. And more dangerous for the user!


Yeah, that would work much better, I expect, oils instead of starch, much better energy density!


No eggs? No baking? I don’t know what they think custard is, but that slop is for the bird’s.


I see what you did there… :custard:


An innocent grocers apostrophe!


Innocent. Sure…

And as a nod in the vague direction of topic, the food chemist responsible for that particular non-newtonian foodstuff was motivated by the illness of his wife, leading him to create both an egg-free custard, but also baking powder as a yeast alternative for bread. TIL and all that…