Jump rope shows your stats using persistence of vision


Is it me or did that Kickstarter video sound like a bad infomercial?

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What next a bluetooth toothpick? Must everything have electronics?


Interested only if comes with noose peripheral (and app).


I haven’t seen anybody jump rope since sixth grade. Obviously, our old-timey ropes weren’t high-techy enough.

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I actually work with a guy who has a bluetooth fork.



This is nice, but is should be more complex so you can watch an adventure time episode but only if you jump for the full 15 minutes.


If this thing came with an API so you could completely customize the “screen” it would be awesome.

When it comes to jump ropes, longevity seems to drop the more you pay. I’ve worn out a lot of expensive ball-bearing-handled leather ropes before I realized how sturdy and durable the plastic-beaded ones are.

And when the beads in the middle start to get too worn out, just move them to the ends and let the others take their place.

I can’t imagine that plastic tube hitting the sidewalk very long before it has to be replaced.


I don’t know why, but this whole commercial made me sad.

Anyone else feel that?

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I don’t care about the rope. I just wanted to look at that perfect fit body in motion.

Looks like a high-tech Skip-it.

Its a neat product, but man, ads these days. With that soundtrack I felt like it was going to resurrect my grandma so I could finally say the words I never got to say while she was alive.


I especially appreciate they only researched the sexiest, stock photography jump rope images available today.

Maybe the display can tell me when to jump, so I don’t tie myself in knots and fall over! I am in decent shape, but never been able to jump rope for more than a few seconds. I should try it again sometime.

Without my phone! I only use it for watching David Lynch movies.

Just wait until they digitize toilet paper.

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Isn’t that what happens when you hold it in your hand?


How much did that video cost? You could easily spend $5,000 - $10,000 making one like that. Plus all the money used to make the prototype. While it is neat to see a product that is already highly developed on Kickstarter, this really seems like one of those “Yeah, you are actually just making a dodgy purchase, not actually “investing” in something” Kickstarters. These folks clearly do not need the $60,000 they are raising. This is really more of a marketing method, I’d think, than an actual need for production run money.


I saw an idea for something like this 30 years ago. The concept was that a post beside the road could be an electronic sign. The lights mounted on the post would draw an image as a vehicle drove past.

What if you accidentally step on it? I’d like to know how the wiring survives a few thousand bends where it goes from the rotating handle.