LED jump rope hooks up to a smartphone, shows data in thin air


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Has it changed?

Seriously Rob, tell us you aren’t in the backpocket of “Big Jump”.


Kinda looks like it would clear your engrams while you jump, too…


I wonder what it reads when you find it, years later, in a drawer with your other fitness doodads?


People can’t count? This seems sort of silly — a large part of the appeal of jumping rope is that it’s so simple a caveman can do it. It’s like someone is sitting round desperately trying to figure out what else they can add computers to.


Well, obviously it’s 22.5 times better than the $4 jump rope you can get at K-Mart. Because, you know, $90.


Neat! Does the display still work when it’s coiled around my ankles while I’m curled up on the ground, holding my broken nose?


How long until we get one that displays full-color video?


I’m amazingly bad at keeping count when exercising. Either I’m counting and bored or letting my mind wander and solving other problems and have no clue where I was at.

So yeah. I’d fit that ‘can’t count’ use case. :wink:


That is totally how capitalism works according to several who adhere to various economic religious sects!



I wonder how many spins will the wiring last for. Cables tend to fray when moved too often.

Why not use a wearable augmented reality display? Would be way more reliable (though not visible for other people).


ftfy :wink:


You could say they …

…roped me in.



Batteries, Bluetooth, a dedicated app, and yes, the price tag… They could learn something from Tiger Electronics:


Tied your hands, did they? You were bound by an honor code not to mention the arrangement?

Oh you…


Alternately, use a string of multi-colored LEDs that change color the faster you go. You could hook up a generator in one of the handles. (Like they do in these: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-Water-Glow-3-Colors-Changing-LED-Light-Kitchen-Bathroom-Faucet-Temperature-Control-TE-shower-head/32427171595.html)


Opposite for me. Counting helps distract me from the pain. I as I count, depending on how long it takes, I prime-factor the number. Better than suffering and being able to devote total focus on the pain.

But I’m an over-doer. I have about the same level of dexterity with my arms and legs as an earthworm, so I make up for it with sheer power. So I end up breaking things or myself all the time. By now though it’s usually just myself. Breaking things is expensive.

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