CA tourists warned not to take selfies with bears


SF just ain’t what it used to be.


California requires affirmative consent and if you don’t get it before photographing your self with the bear, you may pay the price.


At least the bears haven’t yet resorted to hanging around and charging for selfies.


I kinda feel like this sort of problem will sort itself out:

Person takes selfie with bear.
Bear mauls person to death.
Person is not alive to reproduce.
Only people smart enough to respect wild life remain.


There was this book lying around one fire station I worked at with all the stupid tragedies at Yellowstone.
The worst is the grandmother who put honey on her grandsons face so a bear would lick it off for a photograph, I am a gentle person but I think she should have been sentenced to the electric chair been covered in honey and fed to the bear herself for murder.


Yeah, at some point we need to let nature help balance things.

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From Gary Larson’s The Far Side:


people are getting dumber year by year


No taking selfies with bears??? the terrorists have won…


No drones and no selfies? What’s a guy s’posed to do at the park anyway?


Did you see those selfies? I think they could boost your odds of reproducing.

This problem sounds self correcting, given enough time.

Easy solution.

Kill Bear.


Pose menacingly/cutely.

Take selfies all day long.

Even easier solution.

Stop taking so many selfies all the time.

I still can’t figure out if the Darwin awards went away because the people behind it thought that it was in bad taste, or they just gave up trying to keep up with nominations.


Pay for a photography permit?


Sure the first wave of selfie takers might enjoy increased genetic fitness, but give it time.

More people will take selfies, and they’ll do so with decreasing regard for personal safety.

Once a certain volume of participants, and a certain threshold of brazenness is reached, a collapse in genetic fitness will follow.

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I blame this firmly on cell phone cameras.

First, they started the whole stupid “selfie” craze.

Secondly, the quality of the optics is horrid… They are generally as good as they can be, given that the thing has to fit in the size of a grain of salt. But there is no real optical zoom. If you want a clear picture, you have to get close.

The best way to get a great picture of a bear: get a real camera that can use removable lenses. Get a lens as long as your arm. Shoot away from at least 100 yards away.

If any of those warnings are in a physical medium, then those will be excellent retro collectibles in a few decades - like a sign warning you not to hula hoop with the bears.

You might want to check your history on that one. People have been taking ‘selfies’ as far back as cave drawing days.