San Diego Comic-Con bans selfie sticks

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Selfie Stick = Weapon

Phony Sword = Cos Play

I get it, I think?


I think selfie sticks are silly and unnecessary, but banning them is just as silly and unnecessary. You can’t honestly claim that a 3ft stick is a “safety hazard” while allowing people to walk around with huge protruding wings, 8ft long spears, giant cardboard swords and headgear, or comically oversized mallets.

Cons are crowded with people in unwieldy costumes who aren’t always considerate (or even aware) of the people around them. That’s just something you have to deal with if you go to a con. It’s a minor inconvenience. Selfie sticks are no worse. If you can’t manage to dodge the occasional outstretched gopro, you’re probably going to lose an eye to a two-yard-long paper mache sword.


I have been reprimanded for using a selfie stick in quite a few different museums, hotels, stores, convention centers, etc. - even when I called ahead and asked them if they were allowed. Then again, I thought it was just a trendy name for a dildo…


I bought one on a larf when I saw a flock of tourists from overseas using them, just before people started to notice them and get judgmental about them. I thought it was the funniest thing ever and they all seemed to not think twice about them.

To me, I love taking photographs. I had camera after camera as a kid (40 years ago), and these things allow me to get angles I’d have to fight for otherwise. And I can do it quickly. And yet, using it I almost ALWAYS hear someone making comments about me, my supposed narcissism, people talking about how I should be enjoying where I am as opposed to trying to impress others. It is interesting, because I use to journal a lot – and not a single person EVER said anything when I was sitting down in public and writing down a paragraph or two of conversations I’ve heard, or recording what I was feeling about a particular moment (I was a writer, so it would help me get things on paper for later). Not once did I hear snarky comments.

But if it is about a group of people enjoying the world differently than someone else, it is ‘silly and unnecessary’. At the same time, I joke about hipsters, and you know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that even hipsters are actually pretty awesome for trying to be different and push boundaries no matter why they are doing it (or why I think they are doing it). Comes down to the same thing…the rest of us assholes wanting to prove we are superior to someone else because we enjoy life in a different way.

That said, I’ve never seen a selfie stick used in a dangerous way. Lot of others have. In their minds.


The best cosplay as a result would be to haul around a mirror and a canvas.:


Wrap some white fur around a selfie arm and suddenly it’s a severed wampa arm.


There’s also this guy…


Seems to me the alternative to the selfie stick is to pester strangers until someone agrees to take one’s picture – which will inevitably wind up with someone else wandering off with one’s camera.

It’s nothing of the sort. There are a lot of things I think are silly and unnecessary, but I’m not looking to ban any of them. I look at selfie sticks (and their owners) the same way I look at golf bats, horses, and toasters that burn the weather into your bread (and their owners). It’s your life and you’re money. You’re free to spend both as you see fit. I’m free to think (at least some) of the things you buy are silly and unnecessary. I don’t think owning a selfie stick makes you a bad person, but I don’t think it makes me a bad person to have no use for one (just like golf bats, horses, and weather toasters).

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Yeah…in the scheme of things, anything that isn’t purely food and shelter is really silly and unnecessary. Therefore, there is no need to say it unless you want to be superior.

Now, if something was sooo expensive that it causes someone to go without these other basic needs for someone to have it…yeah.

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