Selfie-stick follies: man had camera reversed for his whole Vegas trip


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At least we know he was up to no “No-Good”…


How is it “pointed the wrong way”?

This is a selfie-stick after all…


Yes, it was pointed the correct way for what it was. He just had the wrong conception for what it was.


There is a place for a selfie sticks in videography.


Yeah, well, at least he had storage media in the camera at the time. Here’s basically what my photos looked like when I got home after that particular trip:


you visited a black hole?


When it comes to chips, homebrew, boiled peanuts, and Cheerios, I’m a black hole. But if there’s ever a vacation available to see one up close, I’d be happy to purchase tickets for a few…acquaintances.


Many years ago I was living on the beach in Oaxaca. One morning I woke up early to find a couple of all white, wild horses playing in the surf. They were leaping around in the waves. Beautiful creatures. The light was perfect. I grabbed my 35mm and took as many shots as I could before they headed down the beach. As they disappeared in the distance I looked down to see how many frames were left on my roll of film. The little frame counter window was empty. There was no film in the camera. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach.


At least look up “selfie” before using the selfie thing. It was word of the year in 2013, shouldn’t be too obscure.


Might need a unicorn chaser after that one.


Maybe I should have put a trigger warning on that post. :smirk:


Or maybe he just wanted to have some fun with headline writers.


That’s what equipment checks in the evening before are for…
…don’t ask how I know…


I’m not buying it. It’s another GoPro commercial. Man does BoingBoing love those! Which is it - are the rubes at BoingBoing completely taken in by each and every “viral” ad GoPro puts out? Or are they getting a cut?


Someone forgot to add an Amazon link to the post.


I’ve seen this a few times already, and I’m not convinced it was an accident. It’s possibly a brilliant piece of video.




Well, that was way more interesting than the same old same old


Handed my new .3 megapixel camera to Grandpa to take a shot of me and the wife on a jetski, and instead got a close up picture of an eyeball!