Finally, a camera for Hipsters!

Nikon has taken it’s D4 flagship, and put it into the retro F3 body.

More seriously, it does officially support pre AI lenses, so stylish photographers willing to manually focus without a split prism can use lenses made before the late seventies


Split prism would have been nice, I really miss that on my modern cameras.
If only one of the replace-film-cartridge-with-CCD-sensor-so-you-can-use-your-analog-camera-as-a-digital-camera-schemes would have worked…

I love my Katzeye, though installing it was nerve racking. The first time I got it in, I neglected to replace the shim, which fine tunes the focus. Found it lying on my work table a few hours later. Luckily, it hadn’t fallen to the floor, never to be found again.

I didn’t know about KatzEye, thanks for the info!
In the installation guide it didn’t look overly difficult, i.e. it didn’t scare me off.
They ship worldwide, so I might give me one for my next birthday. Since that’s in september I’ll look around, maybe there is a camera shop that imports and installs them somewhere nearer to me.
Anyway, I’d like to have one, it would make using my old, pre-autofocus lenses easier.

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