This smartphone tripod is a thoughtful piece of industrial-design origami

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I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Interesting design, which is more sophisticated upon inspection than I first thought.

The product’s website says

The Pocket Tripod PRO comes in 15 sizes. The size refers to the opening that grips on to the device. The smallest size being 5.5 mm (7/32 inch) and the largest being 12.5 mm (1/2 inch).

Below is a list of many of the most popular phones and cases on the market and the Pocket Tripod size that we recommend for each.

I can’t tell what size the Boing Boing store is selling - there is no size pull down menu - and the Stack Social "Specs"page only gives the dimensions of the card, not the dimensions of the opening. This is kinda significant since Boing Boing Store is “All sales final” but the device is not one size fits all.




There is no “pod,” though. Nonopod?


I dunno. The thing kinda looks like a foot. It just doesn’t have a leg.

ETA: and wouldn’t a nonopod have nine feet?

It looks like the 7.0mm model:

I don’t know which phones that would fit, though.


No no pod?


Good eyes! I didn’t even think to look for a mark on the photo. There is no guarantee that the hero shots of the product represent the size they will send, though, but at least its a clue :slight_smile:

Not expected to ship until Dec 19th…unless Stack Commerce somehow has priority for its discounted cards…which seems unlikely.

The Boing Boing Store body copy says

"Since not all smartphones are created alike, this 2016 update features a newly designed universal bracket that fits a wide range of smartphones and cases. "

Not sure if that means adapters ship with the card, or what. The product website still seems to very specifically indicate that the “PRO” cards that ship in December 2016 come in sizes…

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And the StackSocial “compatibility info” link sends you to the “Which one will fit?” page.
And the “hero shot” has the “7.0” sizing information on it, which you’d think it wouldn’t if it were universal.

In the sense that a snail has a single foot (pod) it as one pod.


I was mistakenly thinking of legs rather than feet… :worried:


More like


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