Cheap dates: the pitiful sums that Big Cable used to buy off the politicians who oversee it


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Time to move to another country. I guess I can tell the grandkids about how America went down the tubes thanks to greed.


Ha, Maria Cantwell doesn’t seem* to have taken a dime. One more reason to be proud to be a Washingtonian.

*Of course, there’s dark money, which she may have taken. But at least from the standpoint of this chart, it looks like she didn’t take anything from those goddamned scumbag leeches who want strangle the very concepts of equality and freedom on the internet.



Or another planet. Oh wait… :frowning:

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I guess if America crowdfunded a “Bribe A Legislator For Better Broadband” campaign, the ISPs would just empty a little bit more from their bottomless corporate pockets and things would be back to business as usual. As ever, it appears direct action is the only option or apathy.


Huh, Republicans took way more though it still amounts to peanuts.

Okay, who wants to start the Kickstarter campaign for buying these people back?


Thanks for the post Cory. Can you show this to Mark? Maybe he’ll stop posting free schill-ads for Google and Uber? Google (and by investment Uber) is now one of the largest lobbyists in Washington. It doesn’t feel a little icky to post information like this on the same page as reviews for products from one of the largest lobbyists?

Though dollars in politics is indeed a general problem, there’s not much sense jumping on groups just based on who’s spent the most lobbying dollars. What they’re lobbying for is at least as important. In this particular case, Google seems to have been spending it’s money lobbying for net neutrality:

They already did.


Excellent point, even though being ok with institutionalized bribery as long as it’s something I agree with makes me just as guilty. To be totally honest with you, I’ve become so distrustful of the big-data gathering tech companies, that I have adopted a sort of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ disposition. I’m probably just being reactionary, but it’s also based on a feeling of resentment for feeling obligated to spend time researching who I want to give my dollars, eyeballs, likes, and duck-face selfies to these days, and realizing how powerful companies like Google and Facebook really are. I remember the good old days, you could just trust corporations. Or maybe I’m looking at the past through lead and asbestos colored glasses :smile:

Yep, the dollars in politics existing at all is definitely an ugly thing.

And those deep cash pockets will remain full as long as the big providers have no meaningful competition, and there is no realistic way to create a competitor which will have any chance of survival.

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