Activists vow to make ISP privacy sellout a "major issue" in the 2018 elections


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In this corner: lobbyists for some of the world’s richest corporations.
In this corner: a flock of angry nerds.

Republicans can disregard the Womens’ March and BLM and Occupy, and I expect this issue, important as it is, will turn out fewer pitchfork mobs. They only wake up when their own devices get hacked, and even then it’s because their password was password.


Yummy, scha·den·freu·de.

pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune…


“The Republicans clearly misjudged their base on this issue,”

Their voter base, yes, but not the donor base that actually matters to them.


Sure, but all that tasty lobbyist money only goes to them if they keep their seats. When the voters push them out, no more corporate handouts.


Rep. Clay Higgins ® LA $300
Sen. Mitch McConnell ® KY $251,110
I can’t decide if it’s worse to sell your vote for the highest bid or to do anything for 300 bucks,


Who told you their password? Was it Susan Rice?! BAD!


Yup, she gave me the debate answers too. LOCK HER UP!


I dunno. In the Breitbart comments, there were shills trying to smooth out the angry feelings (“this only stops the preferential treatment for Google and Facebook!”), but not having much success IMO.

This could be a wedge issue for their Internet-connected supporters. I expected they’ll try some campaign to sell the newthink to them.


Reminds me of a storyline in “Doonesbury” about Congressfolk who were taking gifts from the Korean lobby in 1977; this strip in particular resonates with me:


goes well with peanut butter!

with the gerrymandering and voter ID laws, the TGOP doesn’t care about their voter base at all.

That’s what I am going for

TBH $300 in Louisiana is the equivalent of $251,110 (may not be true!).


$300 bucks is like $300k in Louisiana. I reckon…

Oh, you wrote that, first. Ok, then.


Hey it’s good!! Great minds drink…um I mean think alike!!


I strenuously applaud any effort to make one single controversial congressional, or presidential, or senatorial issue a primary focus in the 2018 elections. It’s already like a smorgasbord of cornucopias of Whitman’s Samplers.


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