Cheap Novelties – RAW's Julius Knipl, real estate photographer, finally finds a suitable home

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Blast from the past.

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I liked the Real Estate Photographer strips. I’ll have to give this a try.

There was a Julius Knipl radio show on NPR for a while. Really, just a segment. I forget when it ran. Jerry Stiller was on it, maybe some other old time radio guys.

The lost urban environment mention reminds me of a place my father told us about. The ancient gas stove at our shabby old vacation cabin - really a hunter’s shack - had a broken cast-iron fitting. My father brought it to NYC when visiting a friend. They somehow found a warehouse / parts outlet in a modering old brick building in an industrial part of Brooklyn. (The kind of place that is probably a gentrified loft by now.) Behind the front desk was and old guy who looked at the part for a moment, then shouted to someone bak in the dark, looming towers of shelves. Paraphrasing: “Hey, Manny! Get me a left hand Knordler plate for Nordge model 18!”

Another old guy showed up a few minutes later with the part.

I can totally imagine Knipl showing up at such a place.


It’s funny that you say “I can totally imagine Knipl showing up at such a place.” because every time I see one of those old hardware stores, key making stalls, typeswriter shops, electronics stores, etc with the bleached-out merchandise in the display windows that looks like it’s been there since the 1960s, I always imagine Julius Knipl standing in front of it, capturing it one last time and reminiscing about the city’s fading glory.

Does this include the post-RAW strips that were in the NY Press for years? I kind of miss that paper. This hasn’t been a good century for free weeklies.

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