Boing Boing's oldest extant live page, an interview with John K. that just turned 22

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I like the piece on the 99-cent stores – especially because they still seem to exist today (actually even more common) and still manage to sell the same sorts of products despite two decades of (granted, limited) inflation.


Speaking of BoingBoing’s old look. Can someone PLEASE fix the blog view, it’s been broken for the past two days.



moar John K internet goodness: Film Threat magazine’s 1992 interview with newspaper clippings of kids who rolled a log down a hill onto a dog while singing the “Log” theme, spotlights on the musicians and Kirk Douglas

here’s a link to the contents of that BoingBoing issue:
this one is really good:
dig these URLs!

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Streisand movement, taking out the fun of everything and making everyone a frustrated person ending up as mass murderer.

He was a prophet, and Ren and Stimpy were his evangelists.

Or something in that line?


Nah, better don’t. It’s 1995, and the Usenet is attracting its first mass base… Remember how that went?


Was I reading BB then? Hm. Maybe.

I was definitely reading suck, though.

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I only remember B1FF! and he is clearly still with us.

Since it became reasonable (instead of only fashionable, as in gen x cynicism or “millennial” self-ironism) to expect self-fulfilling prophecies of the pop-cultural kind, [popcultural reference inserted here.].

On a more serious note, I never fully appreciated Ren & Stimpy back in the days and was a bit taken aback by my friends loving it. I wonder how they think about it now. Did it age well? Or was it just a pose, like most of the grunge stuff they loved, and the punk stuff before? Are they all lawyers and engineers now, having “traditional” families and showing their kids Ren & Stimpy reruns?

I’m not sure what you mean by traditional, but I know the first two seasons of R&S were not strictly speaking, a kids show. After that it was just a kids show. And yes, I do know an engineer who has the first two seasons on DVD, and is looking forward to sharing them, but not with his young kids. It would go over their clever little heads!

Grid view is borked too. I don’t think they’re listening.

We are, it’s being worked on. A caching problem.


I must not be the only one who immediately did “view source” on that page?

R&S is amazing, now and forever.


Extremely common in the south, in fact, dollar stores are one of the few brick and mortar retail chains showing growth these days.

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