Cheaper PLA for my Replicator 2, delivered fast


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Oh how I wish I could come up with some sort of use for a 3d printer to justify the expenditure to the wife. “It’s super neat” doesn’t really qualify, sadly. :slight_smile:

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They are starting to really come down in price, especially if you get in on one of the kickstarted projects. Buyer beware on the kickstarters, of course, and then there’s the wait for possible delays.

I was able to come up with three or four possible things to make that could fix things around the house cheaply enough that it would offset most of the cost on an inexpensive one.

The more difficult thing to justify is the tinkering and maintenance that these inexpensive home units are likely going to need. I think I’m going to fall back on “would you rather I bought a flashy car and tinker with that?” :smiley:

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I’ve got to say, while its a lot of fun and occasionally useful – mostly I print parts for the printer to print more parts :frowning:

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That seems really hot for PLA…I usually am at 195-200C on my Printrbot LC.

That’s OK, when computer networks first came about, they were mostly used to discuss computer networking.

Default for the Replicator 2 comes set to 230. Dialing back to 215 produces much better results for me. Going below it starts creating more issues.

Makerbot is infamous for gouging people on the price for filament. Amazon sells decent filament for $31/kg with free two day shipping for prime members.

Has to be cheaper than buying parts to maintain a project car, though. :slight_smile:

HAHAHAAH. Please see my 1987 VW Westy.

I just want to know when I can get a replicator that can print parts for my project car…sigh.

I repaired my car with a $2 part (including shipping) that a guy printed for me with his reprap – would have cost over $50 from the dealer (they don’t just sell the little plastic part). His re-design was more robust than the standard part as well…

Or a Porsche with vanity plates.

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