Check out Adam Savage's far-out replica of an Apollo spacesuit

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Its really nice, but does not look bulky enough? I suspect it does not have the cables and adjustments that managed the length of sleeves and worked with the constant volume joints.

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I was thinking the same thing. Someone here on BB told me that most of that fabric sh’ell is just to protect and obscure the real spacesuit, both to keep dust out but also to keep the ruskies from learning how to build one. So I’m not going to hold my breath waiting to see Adam take his suit into a vacuum chamber.

What you see is basically just the outer shell. Re the real deal, the actual pressurized suit was underneath…

… courtesy of the peerless skills of expert seamstresses. (Google the connection between some of the suit ‘tech’ and bra making.)


Platex baby!!


A great view of the suit is in the picture of Gene Cernan that was posted here with his obit - he’s in the LEM after coming in from a walk, the outer fabric of the suit is filthy with Moon regolith. And he looks very satisfied!

Yes, that’s a great shot. But the pic showing him with the Moon globe: The Apollo astronauts had 3 suits each. One for training. One for the actual mission. And one for publicity shots, like the one shown in the obit. But his suit in that one is all poofed out, as if he has the A7L underneath. No way. That would have taken way too much time just for that kind of shoot. I’m wondering now if they just stuffed the publicity suits to get the expected bulkiness.

PS: Robbie the Robot is the best robot ever!

And check out these two pics for a certain resemblance in the grill work:

wikipedia has a great color version of the image you posted:


Which of course explains why Adam has MUCH more mobility in the shoulders than in the real thing.

I’m thinking that spring-steel hoops in the fabric would be a good way to give it the proper bulk.

Probably me. I interviewed for a job at ILC, and got to meet the ladies who made the Apollo suits before they retired (bucket list moment!).

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job because I was very critical of a poor engineering decision someone made… someone who turned out to be the guy interviewing me. Oops! Lesson learned.


nb the design on the right was after the modifications for the later missions to allow the astronaut to sit on the lunar roving vehicle

Nice catch. That explains the additional creases across the midriff.

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