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A “Turkish Coffee” machine for $250? I can get a cezve for like half a sawbuck at the grocery store.


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I have to admit that I find the idea of an automatic Turkish coffee maker intriguing. Of all the different standard ways of preparing coffee, it seems to be the one most sensitive to the skill of the preparer, and I’ve never had very good luck making it myself. While the one here is more than I’m willing to pay, I’d love to play with one.

I’ve looked at the de Lucchi moka pot in the shop; it is beast, nearly twice the weight of comparable Bialetti brewers. I don’t love the brutalist design myself, but it is distinctive, and the larger sizes especially would be something of a statement in the kitchen.

Why don’t you just use the stovetop directly there? Isn’t that some sort of USB powered heating thing you’re using?

Came here hoping to see an old dirty sock, leaving disappointed.

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My guess - induction hob.

Yes, that’s the ONE thing wrong with this picture.

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Yes, granted its weird that he has 2 pourover makers, and yet he’s using a bialetti percolator…

What an unbelievably overpriced pile of junk! The idea that you could make a coffee that approximates what you would get in a reasonable Melbourne cafe using pods is laughable.

Moka pot - not a percolator. There are fairly signficant differences.

I don’t think Bialetti even make a percolator. I suspect people might riot if they did.


Thank you for the education I can’t believe I didn’t know this already.

Sometimes I think a beautiful things in life is that I am still ignorant of some things and there is more to explore. I’ve seen these things all over I just thought they were a percolator because they looked similar.

Now that I think of it I don’t know if I’ve ever even had coffee from a percolator, I have this very very old memory of when I was a young kid and fooling around with one at my father’s camp and asking him what it was and he told me, but I don’t think I ever had coffee from it

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I remember perked coffee. You dodged a bullet there.


Of course, in coffee snob lingo, any pass-through method is considered a “percolation” method, as opposed to “infusion” as would occur in a french press. But yeah, definitely not a percolator in the cowboy coffee sense.

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