Check out this 1987 Ringling Bros. instructional video on how to be a clown

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we must recruit and train more clowns to maintain the balance of power




Well, I, for one, need no instructions for that.

Even if you don’t want to be a clown, it’s a nice thing to see if you have some spare time. Nice stuff

I… I think I’ve seen this before. I once did a clowning course as part of an extra curricular program I was in during grade school once. I still occasionally refer to that section on juggling when I’m showing others how to do it (even though I didn’t learn to juggle that way. I was taught by a school janitor a handful of months after taking the clowning course).

Is Ted the “tramp character” clown at 27:53 in actual blackface? In 1987? Dayum.

Interesting fact: One thing that clowns are serious about is the makeup. It has to be unique, or close to unique. (it’s an unofficial rule, but a rule nonetheless. There’s even a registry of sorts.

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I think they cover this in the video. I remember being really surprised when I first learned that, but then realizing I shouldn’t have been. It totally makes sense that their identities are every bit as important as their clowning skills.

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Noted; I will admit that I didn’t look at the video; Many years ago, I did some clowning for a church, which is where I learned a few things about professional clowning.

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