Check out this 3D latte art

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What a timely post. My daughter is currently visiting her grandparents in Saitama. She’s a part-time barista back here in Vancouver and will love going to see this in person. Woot!

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It raises the question: what kind of monster would actually drink these adorable fuzzies?

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Ive always found ephemeral art to be so fascinating (to some degree, experiential and/or interactive art ovelaps here,) in that it mandates presence and attention. Sure, this can fall prey to the same “document it for clout” curse as the rest of our entire world, but art that diappears forever, even when documented in a photo, is still gone forever - making the viewing experience even more special. I suppose one could argue that it’s a bit of a metaphor for the destructiveness of humanity in general, but I think thats a drab perspective. Even if we are indeed literally consuming a work of art, i think the joy of ephemeral presence is special. Human condition and all that.


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