Check out this clever design for a toddler seat at a Japanese food court

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Wow, wish I’d had these (ETA, clarifier: those Japanese-designed eating facilities for caregivers and very young humans) in the States to eat at, anywhere, a few decades ago.


The whole “how do you clean it properly” would be better addressed in Japan, I expect, than in the States. I have seen some fantastically cruddy high chairs in all kinds of eateries here.

I’ve had friends who haul these (ETA, clarifier: other doodads) around for their wee ones, as an alternative:

… but finding a table that will work with these is sometimes challenging.


And the food in the food court is probably 10x better…


I knew a couple that had twins and they bought a thrift store dining table and cut holes in the top and attached baby seats like this. It worked really well.


Those clip-on chairs in the photo have been available for quite a while, but only fairly recently have gotten to the point of real usefulness. My older Pea twins didn’t have them, but the Littlest Pea did and I would have killed for a set during the first round. I think the designers put the buckles in to keep the child safe, but they’re really there to keep their asses still. These things are great because they’re strapped in like a stock car driver.


I feel seen.

And no matter how fast I tried to eat my own meal, at least when we were out and about, it was never fast enough. Btw it’s not fair that the better we feed 'em, the stronger and bigger they get, faster, and the louder they get. Some babies outgrow various high-chair options super fast. Oy.


THIS. ALL OF IT. We had a cover for the seat when dinning out, but just touching a high chair in public makes you feel like you have touched biological waste. If I was a restaurant owner I’d pressure wash high chairs at least twice a week.

When our kids were little we had something like a Bumbo for around the house. I don’t remember who made it (not made anymore) but it was foam like the Bumbo but for juicy babies. One time for giggles I sat our first born in a real Bumbo at Bed, Bath, and Beyond…I could barely get his legs out of it. It was rather comical. The second kid’s thighs were even stouter, so it’s a good thing we kept it.


that’s my idea of the best

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