Awesome bento lunch jars

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@jlw Was the tour of the Hyperion sewage treatment plant?

Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin. I was expatriated, South to North years ago.

I saw a future world leader with her Zujiroshi Ms. Bento lunch jar.

So this is how world leaders will be selected in the future? By their parents buying them unnecessary expensive toys…

Oh, wait. They already are.

Although it’s not as travel friendly, I use a Hot Logic Mini every day at the office to heat up my lunch. I just plug it in when I get into the office, and everything is nice and hot by lunch time.

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Actually, in case you’re wondering, I decided that the job of president would be more fitting for our youngest daughter. For my eldest, it’s Supreme Court Justice. It’s a lifetime tenure or nothing for her — I’m not spending my life grooming this kid for some dinky four- or eight-year job.


Nemo and me. :slight_smile:

i’ve had one for several years and i love it! highly recommend getting one of these bento lunch boxes.

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As much as I love many things Japanese, I’ve got to chime in and say that the traditional “bento lunchbox” always looked a bit more akin to this:

This multilayer round canister type thing makes me think more of the Indian “Tiffin” variety than traditional Japanese bento box (which to me at least usually wasn’t more than one or two layers with little spacers for different lunch items).


I have been seriously desiring a Mr. Bento ever since I had a co-worker who brought one in. However, I feel pretty certain I would not use it and it would hog up space I could use for other things. But it is so so shiny.


Its just not a real bento case if doesn’t have an adorable minimalist cartoon character on it.

Got several plastic bento containers. What I find the most annoying part about them is they are geared for “Japanese Salaryman” size portions. A big dose of high density short grain rice is meant for the largest compartment and the rest is tiny food which you can practically inhale.

Tried to find a picture of one without a cartoon character, but… (in my house, they’re all “Hello Kitty” between my wife and my kid).

Personally, I’ve found a single compartment “Tupperware” that’s perfect for work. Just enough to keep me fed for a single meal, micro safe, and with a convenient stem vent.

(perfect for me because I’m too lazy to make a 6 part meal, and everything fits in 1 compartment, even if it’s rice or noodles, meat, and veg.).

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My wife makes real Japanese style bentos for herself. Too complicated for my tastes. Too many types of cooking for tiny food. Frying, broiling, sauteeing, steaming. She cheats by making all the ingredients on sunday night and just assembling then through the week. Personally I just like to take about 5 minutes making wraps or sandwiches, or putting leftovers in tupperware and I am good to go.

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Please advise your wife (who is obviously making the rest of us lazy SOB’s look bad) that I issue her this challenge:

“Kyaraben” (character bento)

I too just jam leftovers, or something pre-prepared and frozen over some rice (curry, homemade chili, etc…). I think the max types of food I’ve had in my tupperware is 3 (rice, meat, veg)…

Could be worse though. My Dad is an EE guy, and assembles sandwiches based on physical properties… Bread, something sticky like peanut butter, something slick (like sandwich meat), cheese, something equally adhesive (like honey or jam), and another piece of bread. Can’t tell if he actually can’t taste things, or simply doesn’t care. This is the guy who occasionally made my sister and I ill by making weekend breakfast for us as kids… (DO NOT LET ENGINEERS NEAR FOOD SOURCES!!!)

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Apparently, they haven’t cracked that secret McDLT technology, to keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool.


:laughing: I am so going to steal that line whenever it is appropriate in the future.

I think the secret ingredient was called styrofoam. It not only kept temperatures level, but also contributed greatly to the nutritional value of the food packaged within.

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I wanted to make a “Keep the hot side hot, and the cold side cold” joke but the jar clearly says it won’t do that. :frowning:

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