Use a Bento Box to make healthy DIY Lunchables

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My wife does this for our kids every morning. She is a much better person than me.

Also, buy the ones with the silver top. You can put the top in the dishwasher. The colored tops chip and need to be hand washed, a thing to which I am philosophically opposed.


What are “lunchables” as opposed to, say, “lunches”?

If there’s a difference I’d genuinely like to be educated. If not, can we just use more commonly understood language, please?

I for one do not welcome the inevitable dinnerables or breakfastables, or brunchables, or supperables or snackables or afternoon teaables.

(And yeah - my lawn, etc. And, yeah, I Googled. Seems it is in fact some proprietary brand, in the USA, so certainly not what was intended here, I’ll warrant.)

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Thought they were supposed to think outside the box?

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Oh, they’re for kids? :disappointed:


Lunchables is a brand name for a commonly purchases snack lunch pack from a grocery store.


C’mon, get with it, you forgot Spreadables:

These are great. Also for the office, IMO.
I work from home 99 percent of the time now, but staying healthy is easier to me if you are more diligent about bringing a good lunch with you to work. It’s so easy to just say screw it and hit up fast food or the taco shop every day. Believe me, I’d always love a California burrito for lunch, but you’ll feel better with slightly more effort.

“Spread” as in “table groaning with food” I’d accept as potentially being corruptible to “spreadable” as in a “meal thing” (and wholly unacceptable as a result). “Spread” as in something to spread on bread is not a meal and not at risk of being corrupted to “spreadable” as in a “meal thing”.

If I’m going to paint myself into a corner as a grumpy old pedant, I’m going down all guns blazing! :wink:

(Snackable, however, does border on the edge of being a moral dilemma.)

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You seem to have used the word “lunch” twice. Apparently it is now “lunchable”.

Indeed (as per my Google, noted above) and perhaps Caroline can come and explain how those things you pictured relate in any way to the things she pictured and was writing about. :wink:

Is it supposed to look like someone barfed on a slice of bread?


Maybe that’s why they introduced the “good, rich color.”

We used to take them on camping trips. I actually remember liking these (around 35 years ago; never saw nor ate them again after that).

When I’m in a position to need one, I’ll probably snag a Mister Bento, which has an insulated section to keep the bottom two containers warm.


Isn’t this just saying “Use a Bento Box for its Intended Purpose?”


I have one of those…it’s wasn’t very practical for my life style.
used it for about 2 months.


I think the
is more of useful item.

The style posted…while I was using it…didn’t have spaces for other items like bits of dipping sauces and crunchy veggies.
It’s great if you’re just doing soup, salad, and rice and fruit…EVERY DAY.

The OXO bento box is nice too and pretty easy to cleanup as well.

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