Safeway Lunch Box Sandwich Spread ad, 1955


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Is it spread FOR sandwiches or is it spread made OF sandwiches?


And people wonder why the hippies went all fringy organic! They were served crap like this as children so they rebelled with broccoli and drugs. I do like the drawing, though.

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It’s sandwiches all the way down.


The name made me wonder if it’s made from lunch boxes.


It looks good to me, but what do I know, I eat Scrapple. We don’t even try to hide it, we call it Scrapple. If you don’t know what it is, try to guess what is in it.


Soon to be Albertson’s Lunch Box Sandwich Spread


Made from 100% real Albertson!


…and back up!


Looks like a more mayonasey/miracle whippy pimento salad. Probably someone thought “kids don’t like the name pimento–lets call it lunchbox spread and chop up some some veggie to please mom”


If it’s anything like Heinz sandwich spread, it’s basically salad cream (miracle whip) with relish and bits of vegetables diced finely in it. But it might be mayonaissey instead.



This reminds me. In Japan chapstick or lip balm is generally called Lip Cream, and i’d tease my japanese friends that were here in the US by telling them that it was made from lips


Further enlightenment, if you can read the fine print.


Frida Kahlo, saucy pickle-spread marketeer. Who knew?


This was very good stuff. If your mom ran out of bologna, this sufficed all on its own!



I want to click like, but I also want to close the browser window in horror.

So, instead I will just shake my fist in the air. Shake. My. Fist. At. You.


OK, then.

That jar brings up some memories I thought were long buried. Ugh!

I’ll just file the image away in the mental vault with all those nightmarish jello-mold-salads that my aunts used inflict on the family for the bigger holidays.

Let’s hope I don’t have to go back into therapy over this.

Thanks a lot, Mark.


Is it wrong that I’d like to try a Tunafish Sandwich made with this?