$12 R2-D2 bento-style lunchbox


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Um, @jlw, that picture doesn’t match.

The picture you’re showing is for this product:

A better picture of this product might be:



Will fix. Thank you!


No problem! I own the measuring cup set, which is why I recognized it right away.


I should use the image name, instead of looking at thumbnails.

Thanks again!


Well, that sucks for your daughter, because the bento box looks all healthy and the measuring cups are full of chocolate chips.


Is it microwave safe?



Dishwasher, yes.


Well that won’t work for me, I like microwaved sushi.

[note sarcasm]


The measuring cup set makes me sad that I already own two sets of measuring cups. I don’t need a new lunchbox either, but now I’m coveting this as well!


I realize they call it a bento box, but I’m pretty sure that’s actually an R2-D2 tiffin.


I need that for tomorrow’s Jim John Williams Hollywood Bowl – I could be the coolest dork in the audience (a mere light saber doesn’t cut it anymore) :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit fixed name – thanks @subextraordinaire (work on my mind – Jim Williams is a regulator with whom I correspond on a frequent basis).


Is Jim John’s younger brother? He’s the older one in my family.

eta: DAMN autocorrect! Is the word is just not that popular anymore?


Has Weber jumped on the band wagon yet?


Here’s the alternate Weber configuration


That’s kind of a waste. They could have put silverware in the legs.


Yep. Way more tiffin than bento.


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