OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set


Is this the same oxo as the stock cubes? I just used one of those for the first time in a while this very day, and they appear to be no longer crumbly, but now the texture of red leb. Fuck knows why.

Having a good set of steel measuring cups and spoons makes a big difference in a kitchen if you cook at all.
Highly recommended.

I’d like it if they also included metric measurements on the handles.

Handles are a bit on the stubby side, and I don’t care for measuring cups with flared sides. Both of those things make it harder to scoop out of canisters when the contents are low. But they’re not bad. I own a number of OXO products, and only one was so bad that I returned it, and that was a simple kitchen timer. Their “thing” is the “good grips” soft rubber that makes things easier to hold. But there’s really no need for that, with a kitchen timer. But you’ve got to sell the brand name, so they made the timer buttons out of the rubber. Just a terrible, terrible idea. When you set a timer, you want a good, responsive click, instead of a mushy, rubbery nothing. I ended up getting a really awesome, commercial grade timer from Thermoworks (the company that makes the instant-read thermometers you see them use on American’s Test Kitchen).

No, they date from the late 19th century while this company dates from the late 20th.

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Oxo products are usually good, but if you cook a lot this set has some problems. They are an odd shape that is hard to get into narrow containers. They don’t have half measure marks or milliliter markings. The handles are iffy if you need to quickly heat some liquid in a microwave (not that you should measure liquid in these, but sometimes in a pinch). The bump where the rubber attaches to the handle makes it unnecessarily hard to do the “scoop and sweep” method.

These suffer from none of those problems:


Plus they have a little lip on the side for pouring and the groove in the handles allows them to be nested inside one another and sit perfectly flat. Also, the short handle insures that they don’t have a tendency to tip over.

Pro tip: if you’re measuring something sticky like honey or molasses or peanut butter, spray the inside of the cup with oil first.

I’d suggest anyone looking at OXO measuring cups to double check that the volume’s are accurate. From what I’ve read and number of past models have had significant problems in that regard. Kind of defeats the purpose of measuring things if your cup measure is really 5/8 of a cup.

Good criticisms, but I’m tempted to forgive them all just because the measurement label is in a different colour than the background. (I’m getting old, you see.)

Surprisingly the set of steel measuring cups I got from the 100 Yen store about 5 years ago is accurate and durable and whats more they’ve never slipped out of my hands even when my hands are oily.

I have the plastic set, and I actually like the 2/3 and 3/4 cup measures. I didn’t expect to use them, but I do.

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