Good deal on my favorite measuring spoons

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I bought these back in 2015 when they were first posted, and I can’t recommend them enough. Might pick up a spare set, but these things are virtually indestructible - made out of the same material as Lego bricks.

@frauenfelder what’s a good wooden spoon (that I can buy)

I’ve had set like these…the only complaint is that after a few years of dishwasher and use…the printing wears off.

I have some really nice flush-handled measuring spoons I picked up awhile back that I really like, but I’d love a set that fits in spice jars.

The other apparent feature these have (which is also wonderful) is that they appear to sit level when set down? That’s great for holding liquids, too.

Guess I’ll try em out :smiley:

This set has a fairly rare 1/2 Tbs (tablespoon, equals to 1 1/2 teaspoons, for the metricified folks out there) measure, which is a VERY handy thing if you’re zipping along through a recipe.

Mark, shouldn’t you be carving your own set out of wood?

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