Snap fit plastic measuring spoons


This is what happens when you realize how much your soon to be college bound daughter is going to cost you.

Those also have a level top edge so you can drag a knife across the top and level whatever you are measuring.

If you don’t weigh it, it’s pretend.


Y’all got some band instruments you like a lot? 'Cause we got trouble around here. Pool halls and stuff.

They might be cool for a while. The text printed on every plastic spoon I’ve owned eventually wears off in a few years of use and washing (in a dishwasher). I still have them…but I mostly use a metal nesting set.

The color coding is great…but it’s still an eventual throw away item.

Look for plastic or metal spoons with the text molded into the handle.

When I come across my old spoons with out the label…I have to stop and think…1/2 tablespoon? or 1 Tsp…because visually they’re almost identical.

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1: measuring spoons on rings are not unwieldy. They stay organized in a drawer.
2: liquids fit equally well in semispherical and oblong vessels.
3: many spoons that have a tangent or flat bottom will sit evenly on a level surface.
4: I don’t want to eat Lego plastic. Also, printing on plastic wears off, while etching in metal does not, leading to point five…
5: if ever I find that I cannot read the 1 tbsp marker on a measuring spoon, it’s probably time to check in to a nursing home because it’s far more likely that I will already have forgotten that blue equals one tablespoon.

FFS enough with this "my favorite (affiliate link) kitchen gadget series!


My best spoons are a set of simple stamped aluminum spoons. I have dropped them down a garbage disposal and they still work fine with no loss of legibility.

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[quote=“waetherman, post:7, topic:52960”]
1: measuring spoons on rings are not unwieldy. They stay organized in a drawer.[/quote]
So do these. I find the ring-a-ling kind a bit unwieldy myself. Personal taste exists.

However, it’s much easier to pour without spilling into a round scoop.

I’ve never seen one, so I dunno about “many.” I’m sure that some are specifically designed that way. So are these!

Uh, great, because these are measuring spoons and not food? I’m really not sure what point you’re trying to make. It sounds like you prefer metal spoons, but I don’t want to eat metal either. Are you implying that ABS will somehow leach into the stuff you’re measuring? It won’t.

This, finally, is a reasonable point. I don’t mind a utensil that won’t last 20 years because I will almost certainly lose it before then; and if not, God gave us Sharpies. if you’re better at retaining stuff than I am and want something you can pass on to your kids, than these are probably not the best choice for you, no.

I don’t understand. The affiliate code is always just “boingboing,” right?

So they hurt like the dickens when you step on them. (No, I don’t know why they are on the floor.)

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USA: $8. Germany: $113 (yes, one hundred and thirteen)

Centuries of successful and tasty baking say otherwise.

Children’s brains are so much more elastic than ours.

One of mine was around 6 when she looked at me funny as I was complaining about just this problem, pulled out a Sharpie, and asked me what to write on the plastic. We’ve been doing that ever since. Yeah, even Sharpies wear off after a while too, but then you get to pick a new color to do it again.

Ain’t that the truth? :wink:

This set, right?:

Still have the ones I grew up with. I think they’re more indestructible than cast iron pans.

I like the idea of having two ends. I hate using a measuring spoon for a liquid, then trying to use it on spices. Hate it so much that I rewrote my recipes so all the dry goods are at the top, liquids on the bottom and I avoid the issue as I’m going down the list.

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