The Kitchen Cube might just bring you back to cooking again

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This reminds me of my plastic rectangular ramen bowl. And for the same reason, it drives me nuts! It’s full of text that, with normal expected use, will be covered/inundated with fooodstuffs, and ain’t nobody got time to get into all those little crevices with a toothbrush to keep it clean.

edit: speaking of, I should either throw away my ramen bowl, or take my dremel and polishing files to it to try and salvage the situation.


Or you could buy 4 or 5 of these:

and a cheap screw-in hook so you don’t lose it in a drawer.


Guaranteed to be awesome until you need a measure on the opposite face and drip residues on your counter… or when it’s in the wash but you need a specific size spoon… or when you realize it’s a solution in search of a problem.


Laugh in metric


Cute, but for the same price you could get a set of stainless steel measuring spoons, measuring cups, and a measuring beaker.


Wow. This is just landfill.


How do you fill just one of those little holes without spilling stuff into the others?

And once you’ve got unintended stuff in other holes, how do you get it out without also emptying the hole you intended to fill?


And how do you wedge it into all the containers designed for spoons? The little canisters of baking powder and spices with the built-in edge for scooping out and leveling?

I guess you get a clean spoon from the drawer to scoop out, and then a clean knife to level, and scrape the excess into a clean cup to recapture it and return to the jar.


For a site that ostensibly aligns itself with environmental awareness and responsibility, you guys sure do push A LOT of wasteful plastic garbage products. I understand that you’re all just trying to put food on your family, but maybe you could try a little harder to hawk products that aren’t such absolute shite all the time?


It’s no Veg-O-Matic, which at least sliced and diced (it really was good for cutting potatoes into French fries).

At least those old tv ads were entertaining in themselves.

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Bring me back to cooking? This stupid thing might actually drive me away from it. But I’m glad someone’s bored day at the 3D printer wasn’t entirely wasted. Just mostly wasted.



This and 2 spoons are all it takes for most people. Good cooking does not so much depend on exact amounts, but on good ingredients and a rough understanding of the ratios required.

Ratios are explained in this book, some examples in this article.


Just got flagged for pointing out what terrible idea it would be to actually print and use this with food on a home 3d printer… :man_shrugging: laissez faire sure has worked out well for us, by all means do carry on then!


Not by me.

And definitely no Bass-O-Matic. Now there was a handy product. No scaling, cutting, or gutting.


Why are you encouraging people to use a clumsy, pointlessly inaccurate measuring method? Volumetric measures for cooking are insanely stupid, particularly for dry and/or solid ingredients. Try selling these poor people a decent digital kitchen scale instead. Most of them don’t cook anyway, so you’re not going to lose any customers.

The two must-have tools for decent cooking: digital kitchen scale and digital temperature probe (and perhaps a digital temperature gun, so you don’t have to touch anything, but then those things aren’t terribly accurate).


You laugh, but it is true that European cookbooks go almost entirely by weight. Which actually makes a lot more sense, because it is a better measurement of mass. Flour in a cup can vary according to whether it’s packed in from scooping, or loose from shaking into the cup.


The shop is a sort of symbiont that is marginally useful to the Happy Mutants that make actual blog entries. And I kinda don’t blame them for outsourcing the hawking of goods that pay the bills, that isn’t really happy mutant fun stuff for many of us.