Easy-to-clean minimalist kitchen scale, weighs up to 13 pounds

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Man, that’s a very heavy scale … you would think being digital it would be lighter.


What do you cook that needs a 13 pound scale?


The product info says only measures up to 11 pounds.


?? I can see from the picture that those two buttons protrude. I have a scale where the power/tare button is under the glass surface and the whole thing just wipes down (my units button is underneath which is stupid). If those buttons are raised even slightly they’re going to gunk up with crumbs, sticky liquids, etc.




It weighs that much when you use it near Saturn’s core. On Luna or Mercury, it only weighs, like, 8 ounces.


I quite often think about scales and how few of them are good enough. This looks like it is close to having one feature that I demand, which is being significantly deeper than it is wide so that if you put a large vessel on it you can still see the mother fucking readout.

It seems like there are quite a lot of scales with seamless surfaces now, which is good because nothing else is acceptable. But a lot of them have touch buttons built into the glass, which I find a bit annoying as they’re easier to operate accidentally; the correct place for the single button is on the edge. And that’s the other biggie; scales should not have more than one button (on / tare), because it is a misfeature to have a units button. Don’t get me started on scales that advertise their fanciness by letting you measure weight in milliliters.

It’s like with metal rulers (which I use enough that I actually have to buy new ones occasionally). It is nearly impossible to buy a ruler that doesn’t (a) have the wrong units on one edge, meaning it only works in one direction, or (b) have half-millimeter markings for the first 100mm, making it unreadable with 20/20 vision in daylight. The free market has a real problem delivering trivial products like this without improving them into something worse.


It weighs up to 13 lbs. The one you get could weigh a lot less!


I am sad to admit that you would need a much larger scale for that.


We have one that has a display that detaches from the main body of the scale - still wired, of course.
As you mentioned, that is handy when using large bowls.


Does it measure in kilos? Asking for a friend.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has these thoughts about kitchen scales.

This is the only thing I can’t identify with.

I’ve never seen that. Probably because in a metric country it is understood that you measure liquid measurements in a measuring jug and that if you really want to use your scales you can just use the weight.



Well yeah, because liters are a measure of volume, and scales don’t measure volume, they measure weight. They’re just showing the weight in grams and labeling it as “ml”, which is not only pointless, it’s wrong; it assumes a density of 1000kgm-3, which is about right for clean water, but wrong for most other liquids, and if you don’t tare the container then it’s wrong for water, too.

I was given a scale with this anti-feature, and I use it in the studio for messy tasks like mixing plaster of paris. If I didn’t know better, and thought I could actually use it to measure volume, it would really mess me up, since a liter of mixed plaster weighs like two or three times as much as a liter of water.


My tweenager has adapted to schoolessness by waking up at 11pm, raiding our kitchen and baking like crazy until 3am. Then she sleeps until 11am. She constantly has a list on our fridge of stuff to buy. She’s probably gone through 1/2 of The Joy of Cooking (except the tripe part).

Amazing surprise breakfasts. Amazingly long amount of time cleaning up since she likes to bake and not clean.

We have one of these scales, and she loves it. I’m more of a “1/4 cup? that’s a small handful” kind of cook (and I can nail it with pancakes or guac). Her mom is a pastry chef so I guess this is a chip-off-the-old-block kind of thing.


It has a ‘units’ button and the Amazon pics show a 0g display - so grams, yes.

The scales above do this. Assumption is that most liquids ‘weighed’ have close enough density to water to make it valid. (ETA what @bobtato said, too.) Partner uses it. I refuse to, and revert to a measuring jug.



Uhm yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Everyone in metric countries just uses the grams measurement as a stand in for millilitres in the few cases that they need to measure liquids with their scales. No need for an extra millilitre “feature” that simply replaces the g in the display with ml.

That is a feature that you would only see in a country where the majority of users wouldn’t know how metric measurements work.


Fun fact: At the center of celestial bodies, the gravitational pull is zero.

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Near the core, it can be more complicated. Depends on density distribution. Here’s what it’s like for Earth: