A $10 food scale for weighing what you cook before you cook it

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Will it work for cocaine… I mean weed… I mean… Uhhh… Yeah cocaine.


I would like to first emphasize that i’m not speaking from actual experience of trying to weigh illegal drugs on a similar scale, but if it’s anything like mine then the lack of a hundredths digit when in ounces and a tenths digit when weighing in grams. So you end up* having to estimate if you’re going for a quarter ounce (a.k.a. approximately 7.1 grams).

* I’m assuming here. I swear that i’ve never had anything to do with drug dealing.


My knowledge of drug trafficking is gleaned entirely from TV and movies, but my impression is that when you’re dealing with the kind of people involved in trafficking cocaine, “estimating” the weight of drugs is the kind of thing that will get you killed.

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Yeah, that’s barely accurate enough for measuring hops. If I were routinely doing precise measurements under an ounce, there’s scales that trade off much smaller maximum weight for much better precision.

I got myself an Escali Primo which has similar specs as the scale shown here, about 15 years ago when I started brewing beer. For a home brewer, these 5KG scales are an adequate midpoint - big enough to measure your grain, accurate enough to be not terrible when weighing hops. I use it for cooking more than brewing now, and it’s still going strong. Also - and I will literally never shut up about this - the escali uses AA batteries - the ones that are half the price hold more than twice the charge compared to AAA

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A scale ( & Ruhlman’s Ratio) makes baking easy. A scale that tares is essential, as is grams/ounces conversion (for us Americans that love GBBO).
Essential to me is a completely flat surface, with no nooks and crannies around the display to get gunked up with flour. This may not be the case for bakers and cooks who are neater than me, so this might be a good purchase for people who might want to cook with science as well as art.


There is a known problem with digital calipers, that in cheap ones the accuracy degrades as the batteries get weak. I assume this is true for scales as well.

For weighing food I use this analog scale,

which I bought for around $5 from a local store. It likely isn’t terrifically accurate, but I don’t get fooled by meaningless digits, and it serves for my purposes, mainly weighting shellac flakes, and occasionally weighing ingredients for baking.

What ever happened to a pinch of this, a dash of that?

This scale couldn’t accurately measure pinch size quantities so it won’t replace those measurements.

For me, my scale replaces measuring cups. It’s slightly more precise, which is nice for more reliable baking, especially with things like flour where the density can be quite variable

also the scale means I basically never need to locate or wash measuring cups, so I find it extremely convenient.

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