I'm having fun with my $10 digital scale that has 0.01g readability



“Powdered supplements”…I’ll have to remember that one.


Yet another thing I have and use listed on “cool tools”.
I use it for mixing up the homemade alkaseltzer on demand. (1 pt Citric Acid to 2 parts Baking soda).
If you make it on demand, you don’t have to worry about long term storage.

I know we’re all supposed to be making stuff from scratch, but all those little au jus packet, and ranch dressing packets. I split those using the the scale–I just don’t need 3 cups of dressing or au jus.

I don’t have the clever lab type paper things show in the photo…I use cupcake paper for larger things and just wax paper for smaller stuff.
And Shameless Admission: When I started going gray It was silly using “Just For Men” and a entire package worth of stuff on my short hair. I split it using this scale and a empty saved plastic bottle of the activator and dye.


I have two of those :). Piracetam and picamillon are good in small doses. And waaay cheaper as a powder than in capsules.

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I dig this one for even higher accuracy: http://www.dx.com/p/digital-precision-scale-20g-max-0-001g-resolution-10515

Buying it probably automatically puts you on a DEA/DHS watchlist. :-0


I’d like to score an ounce, man.

[plays ‘Breaking Bad’ theme]


I hope you thank the drug dealers of the world for creating enough demand for these things for their price to drop so low.


The 5g version of this is perfect for adjusting the stylus force on your turntable. I think I paid around $7 for one, have seen the same scale with audio shop logos for $30 and up.

And yes, it is hard not to weigh everything you can think of when you first get the scale.


A fun thing to do could be taking one of those micro-quadcopters apart and making a detailed weight budget…

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How accurate is it?

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I have one of those, and it’s very nice for when you need milligram accuracy (but be sure to recalibrate it every time you move it, or else ignore the last digit or so!)

But Mark’s suggestion has two advantages: a maximum weight of 100g and a nice, big, flat platform for weighing.

The more precise scale only goes up to 20g, and has a very small, fiddly weighing pan and platform (the circular bit in the middle).

Precision is good, but if you want to weigh anything heavier than four nickels, you’ll need a bigger scale. (-:

Beware of the very low-end of the resolution. I had to weigh 50 milligrams of something for a graphene-related experiment. The scale kept self-zeroing at addition of 10-20 milligrams. A trick was adding a pin on the scale, to make it feel some additional load, and add the couple tens of milligrams manually without zeroing.

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Funny article. Shame about “it’s” instead of the possessive pronoun.

If you’re after an pedant pendant, the competition here is pretty stiff. Your off to a good start, though. :smile:


Embrace the Grey, it makes us look dignified (my wife told me that, and she never lies)

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Exactly - I have both this one AND Mark’s for just that reason.

What a fascinating little gadget! And so inexpensive!

I have a bigger unit that I use for weighing model rocket parts. (And whole, smaller rockets.)


Eh I often feel like I’m over graying hair. We gray absurdly early in my family. I found my first at 16 (yes 16). But then I read things like this and feel slightly thankful that its kind of stalled out. Between its slow pace, and my light hair color, its sort of unnoticeable unless you look for it. Which my mother does. And then she plucks them out of my head while complaining about how old she’s getting.

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