100g digital scale with 0.01g divisions for $10

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Alls I need is a couple of machetes and a can of energy drink and I’m in business.


You’re gonna need thee-eeeezzzz…


Got one much cheaper: found it in my garden. That’s where dealers drop their stuff when they’re on the run.


You actually bought a Kennedy Half? Man I haven’t seen one of those in decades! That’s more impressive than the scale.

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That’s not how you calibrate a scale. Your 1.00g weight​ is a reference point, but you need at least two standards to calibrate the span of a mass unit.

I have had almost this exact scale since late 2013 (Amazon order history FTW). Same brand - mine just goes to 0.1g and was a dollar or two cheaper. It is great. No one seems to believe me when I tell them I use it solely to weigh my disc golf discs, but it’s true. A difference of a few grams in weight can make quite a difference in flight characteristics, at certain levels of skill (i.e. moderate to not quite great).

I use one of these to weigh hops and mineral additions for home brewing​.

to weigh supplement powders

That’s what I’m going to call all my drugs from now on.

(Although I’m sure I can’t be the only person who uses an ex-drug dealer’s scale more for cooking meals now)

Man, you are taking me back to many 1960’s memories.
Triple beam was da kind.

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Just the device to have with you when stopped by the cops if you’re heavily into having your vehicle seized. :wink:

Using the one a drug dealer left behind will have the extra bonus of testing positive for drug residue if they go over it.

Not to state the relatively obvious, but it will also weigh in grains, making it an adequate backup for the scales I use to measure charges of gunpowder for handloaded ammo.

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