Luggage scale for $5

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I have a handful of these things. I’m not sure exactly how accurate they are, but they agree with one another within their resolution (.1 or .2 lbs I think?) and I’ve never been surprised at the luggage counter.

I find it enormously amusing that they also function as a thermometer, I suspect that the IC which reads the strain gauge has a thermometer for temperature compensation. …and then some bored genius decided to expose the temperature to an end-user-accessible UI. For. Some. Reason.

Amazon is telling me the coupon code is expired.

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Coupon code shows dead at 14:00 est.

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Regular human scale + math = bag weight
Free! No coupon needed.
Seriously, I have too many gadgets in my house. I need to go on a gadget diet.

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yes, but this scale is also useful if you need to weigh those big bags of rosemary and oregano and herbal teas that the poster evidently has laying around based on their past scale and herbal posting history.


A spring balance has the necessary accuracy and does not require batteries (which will probably go down/make bad contact due to infrequent use).

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