$9 scale makes weighing luggage easy

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So, is it $9 or $7?

And where’s the link?

The way I read it, there must be two different scales. Frauenfelder bought one for $7, but there’s a $9 one that makes weighing luggage easy. I wonder what’s so hard about the $7 one? Maybe it only knows metric.

EDIT: Oops, no it uses pounds too. Maybe the readout is in Polish or Czech?

OK, I feel ridiculous for saying this, link?

I’ve got one of these (or near enough). I like the large T-handle design that is big enough I can lift it with two hands - especially handy since it takes a few seconds of the weight to settle and the reading to lock in. Mine has an audible beep telling you the scale has locked in a settled weight reading.

These are cheap commodity units, though. So don’t count on them being accurate to the 1/10 pound, or even to the pound. I checked mine against the calibrated scales at the check in terminal at my last flight before relying on it too much.

Is there any way to get an RSS feed of BoingBoing without all these crappy ads? I could tolerate it when it started but now I see like 5-10 ads per day in my newsfeed for some "99% off some-crappy-tutorials-which-can-be-found-for-free-anyway


Pretty sure that to BB the lack of an ad-free feed is a feature not a bug :smirk:

I think better labeling would be a good compromise. In the meantime, I’m wondering if Mark will ever run out of household items that can be bought on Amazon to post about. :smiley:

I’ve got the same one as is seen in the picture. I bought it directly from China (where all of those are made anyway).
Shipping included, it cost me around $4.

Why support amazon when you can avoid it?

Better return policy?

Low end, direct from China stuff often has really crappy QC, the savings can be a bit of a crapshoot if the product is DOA or fails soon after delivery. Not saying I would never, depends on the savings, but not my first choice for a whopping $5 savings.

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Yep, it displays the weight in dry hogsheads, using the Mayan Number System.


I think Mark maybe really has run out of household items to link to on Amazon. :astonished: Turns out the reason for the price typo is that he partially recycled a post from 2015, back when the scale was $7:

Maybe the scale just sold really well in the last ad post?

If you’re stuffing that much stuff into bags you need to learn to travel lighter in the first place.

You don’t know my needs. You really don’t. Vodka is heavy…

Seriously, though, on some trips I have equipment I need that can’t be trimmed down. Trimming down is a great idea, when it is possible.

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Or you could just arrive with 5 min to spare, weigh the bags on the only scale that actually matters – the luggage drop-off counter’s – before dropping them off, and transfer an item or two to the lighter bag, as needed.

uh, you just put the luggage on the scale. No need to subtract, dummy.

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Not all home scales will fit a suit case so you can read the dial at the same time to weigh it, hence the trick of holding the suit case. Or the trick of buying a handy $9 scale that has higher resolution than a spring scale. You can also weigh cats in shopping bags with a hand held luggage scale. And recurve bow draw weights. Just all around handy to have.

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For a while I used a 3rd party intermediate called feedrinse.com It worked but didn’t update as reliably as the native feed and I wasn’t thrilled some unknown company was harvesting my clicks (presumably).

Edit to add: I have the scale and it works reliably enough. The Greater Omems and I have brought…4 full bags of booze & beer from Chicago to NYC and always come in under weight.

Back in the day, I travelled around Scotland for two months - with 20 Kg of kit, including the backpack and tent. Hah!

What is the weight and what are its dimensions? Obviously, you need to carry it, and I hate to add anything to my bag.

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