Our favorite spatula


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My favorite spatula is Donald Trump, there I said it.

Our favorite spatula
Finally! I've been wondering what spatula you prefer.



Hello, this is Sy Greenblum, president of Spatula City. I like the spatulas so much, I bought the company.


I’m also a client!





“Plastic items are excellent gifts——precisely because they have little intrinsic value, the love and thoughtfulness of the giver stands out.” - Mark Frauenfelder

I thought my fiancee loved the plastic shoes and nylon wedding ring I got her. (facepalm)


After going through a dozen $1 nylon spatulas in my foolish youth that would start to break down and fray little bits of nylon into my cooking, I spent $12 on a stainless steel and silicon spatula that has lasted me literally forever. No soapy smell at the moment. Mine is kind of a boring color. (Edit: whoops… didn’t mean to type nylon again. My $12 spatula is silicon.)


Any metal $20 fish spatula or slotted spatula works excellent on my cast iron set. I agree with not buying a disposable item.


Yeah, but just try finding a left-handed slotted fish spatula…


I am 17 minutes too late, but not disappointed.


This just seems like it should be a “that’s what she said” joke…


Sounds like with your idea and my workshop, we could have a very lucrative 10 percent share of spatula sales around the globe…


I’m beginning to wonder if Mark should be interviewed for Private Eye’s Me and my Spoon column.


1) Search “A&J spatula” on eBay.
2) Look for the ones that have a vertically offset handle and whose blade is angled inward and slotted, like so:

3) You’re welcome.


I’m very fond of my non-slotted melamine spatulas. They’re hard enough that they won’t melt if left in contact with a pan for too long, and unlike metal they won’t scratch up those non-stick coatings either. They don’t flex at all, but I don’t mind that much. The only real downside is that sometimes taking off that last bit of egg residue requires a bit of extra scrubbing.


Hopefully you don’t allow your pans to get hot and you cook everything below 160° F. Otherwise you’ll end up with the same fate of the sheep.


Would our dog love to destroy this one any less than he loves to destroy the silicone variety?