Nylon spatula beats silicone and metal

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i like that particular model but my all-time favorite nylon spatula was one my wife got me in 1995, before we were married actually. it had that shape, although a differently shaped handle, but it had 4 slots in the center which allowed oil to drip out the bottom into the pan when i was removing bacon from a pan. it finally wore out. over the years the front of the spatula eroded away leaving a large, four-pronged, nylon fork. we still use it to toss the bedding in our python’s enclosure. i’ve looked and looked but have never found anything exactly like it with just the right balance of rigidity and flexibility.

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Your link has an extra apostrophe at the end (/Nylon-spatula’), causing it to not resolve :slight_smile:


They won’t scratch like silicone.

They won’t get scratched, or they themselves won’t scratch non-stick pans?

I ask because I’ve had neither of those problems with silicone spatulas.




Time to go to… Spatula City!!


While a good nylon spatula is essential to have around when using pans with fragile surfaces (they really are the best on enamel etc… )…

A fish spatula is my absolute most used kitchen tool. You can’t beat their ability to work in a crowded pan and work with everything from eggs to steaks. Seriously if you don’t have one you should fix that :wink:


“scratch like silicone”??? Was this a misspelling? Did you mean “scratch like silicon” as though this spatula is made out of discarded microprocessor wafers?


+1 for fish spatulas. They’re my goto.


What the devil are you talking about? Nylon melts and frays at the edges. I must have gone through a dozen nylon flipper spatulas before I replaced it with a stainless and silicon one that lasted 12 years. You’re out of your mind.


they melt though which is why I will never EVER cook with a nylon spatula.


Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?


You don’t necessarily cook with a spatula, you flip with one, which ensures the nylon has minimal contact with the hot pan.

If you need the services of a flat edge to turn and scrape while cooking, use wooden spatulas. I have several. They’re great.

lol thanks for the ultra pedantic distinction there, so I will counter with this even more pedantic argument: the act of flipping is one of many movements performed during the process of cooking. So yes, a spatula is used while cooking.

Anyway, I use an ultra thin stainless steel fish spatula for most of my spatula needs, as I cook mostly in cast iron or stainless steel pans. When I am cooking in non stick pans or copper pans lined with tin, I use wood or silicone tools.

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It is deeply annoying that the word “spatula” is ambiguous between pancake-flippers and bowl-scrapers. I try not to use the word at all.


That’s my experience I’m happy with silicon, though eventually they tear and can get gross inside.

Actually, my reply to you was just an excuse to promote wider usage of my favorite utensil, the wooden spatula.


That’s what I came to ask as well. I’ve been using silicone spatulas for years and never had one scratch anything. I’d like something stiffer for things like pancakes, but I fear the low melting point of nylon. I have other partially melted plastic spatula (not sure of their composition) and I don’t need another.


Nylon turners are the best. [Good property #1:] They are stiff like steel spatulas. [Good property #2:] They won’t scratch like silicone.

“Like silicone, they won’t scratch.”


What happened to this model? You sounded so enthusiastic about it back then.

As before, this bamboo spatula is still my favorite.