Silicone flexible pancake turner

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Big Silicone, we meet again.


Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a neat thing and an advertisement for AMZ referral kickback.

I guess that’s the whole point?

Disclaimer: I’ve purchased items via links from BB, and loved them.


That’s what HE said.


If you cook on iron or steel you are better off using a thin metal spatula. While I’ve been coveting the awesome Draper titanium spatulas, you can get a good metal fish turner for a couple of dollars.

Incidentally, we do most of our frying on one of these forged iron things nowadays:

It was an impulse buy and the best piece of cookware I’ve ever owned.

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Is that crosshatching really on it? Does it help or hinder?

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How much of a kickback is he going to get on an $11 spatula?

At least three dollars when I can buy it directly from the manufacturer for eight.

You know that Amazon and whatever distributor is involved are going to take most of that.

Amazon Associates get a few pennies for a sale like one of these.


The crosshatching is really there. I’m not sure it has any effect at all, but it looks great. Turk has two lines of forged cookware, this one and a higher-end open-die hand-forged pan without the pattern.


You’re missing the point. Why should anyone pay an extra three dollars when I can get it from the manufacturer themselves (or anyone else on Amazon) for less? It’s literally a third of the price less. If someone else can sell it on Amazon for eight dollars, why can’t the BB store? It seems like if you’re buying a spatula you should just skip all the middlemen, buying it here literally does not make it any better when a third party takes it off a shelf and puts it in a box. I’d rather buy a shirt from them.

We don’t disagree! There’s absolutely no sense in paying more than you have to.

But there’s also no sense to inflating the outrage.


Actually I just got one of these and used it for the first time this morning on french toast. Yea it’s big, it’s flexible and it flips. Amazon is the only way I can buy these sort of things without a 60 mile drive into Houston.

I love using silicone kitchen utensils for most things, but as pancake turners they’re too thick. No, the edge isn’t sharp enough to make up for that. They’re also not flexible, so they’re hard to use in any pan that has a lip. If anyone knows of something that fills the need better, please mention it.

Ads, or posts? like these always make me think of 1980’s 1-800 TV commercials for silly kitchen gadgets.

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[quote=“chgoliz, post:14, topic:72249, full:true”]
If anyone knows of something that fills the need better, please mention it.[/quote]
If you’re not using a nonstick pan, see my post above.

There is a pretty good review of a variety of spatulas here:

Oh, and when we were living in Norway and saddled with nonstick pans, we used a Berndes/Hammerplast plastic spatula, which is very thin and rigid and works well as long as you remember it is plastic and can’t stand up to high heat for long.

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I have a KitchenAid pancake turner that has a very thin, wide and flexible plastic (not silicone) surface, with a good, sharp edge. Great for pancakes, french toast, and the like. Not great for burgers and other heavier items, though.

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Your post above mine was about a pan, not a turner.

Thanks for the link: it’s actually the worst spatula for me, because not only does it have the problems I listed in my post, it’s also only for righties!

Thanks! That looks similar to what I’ve been using, but I was hoping for a silicone (and thus, more heat resistant) option. Oh, well.