Silicone flexible pancake turner


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Your post above mine was about a pan, not a turner.[/quote]
That post also linked to the Draper titanium spatulas, most of which are ambidextrous. The review article I linked to later mentions the Lamson turner; it comes in a left-handed version.

If your town has a restaurant supply store it is worth taking a look, they are usually open to the public and they often have much better (and certainly different) cooking tools than you can find in your local Macy’s or William-Sonoma.


Wait, really? That’s not what I got when I clicked. Hang on a sec…

OK, the titanium spatula: I am not hip enough for those. Can’t even grow a beard. Besides, they’re the polar opposite of flexible, which is what I asked for (especially in the square-cut versions, which are the only ones I could use). And square-cut isn’t best for pancakes anyway. But you’re right: I paid attention to the bulk of your post about the pans, and didn’t notice the link to the spatulas. My bad!

Now, the second post: I scrolled down a lot further this time (I was wondering why you’d said it was a review of a variety of spatulas, when it seemed to be all about only one!) and see what you mean. In fact, they reviewed the spatula I currently use as the closest to what I’m looking for (the OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Turner…if only it came in more of a rounded pancake shape) and a few others I use for other purposes (like the GIR spatula, although mine’s a different brand, and the crucial angled icing spatula, which of course is of no use in a frying pan). That review basically confirmed my complaint: there doesn’t seem to be what I want available on the market. Especially as a leftie.



Not sure how much heat you’re talking about, but I use it on a 350° griddle with no problems. KitchenAid states that it can handle up to 500°.


I mean, hey man, they’re just trying to keep the station open.


nothing says “I love you” like a gift from Spatula City.


A fork, fingers, and a quick wrist.

And just call Accidents an unexpected Surprises.


Eh, it was my fault, I couldn’t resist the excuse to post the picture of the pan.

I went through a spatula obsession a year ago when our old smallest Ekco finally gave up the ghost and I discovered that the company had devolved to a label for rubbishware, didn’t make them any more, and were only available on Etsy.

The reviews of the Draper spatulas describe them as very flexible, that was one of the attractions of them for me, but I haven’t seen one in the flesh.

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