The greatest spatula for use with my cast iron skillets

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The white bit, I bet that’s Teflon.

What white bit? It’s solid stainless.

My question has to do with the effect of metal tools on the pan seasoning. I thought that was a no-no.

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It is absolutely just fine on the seasoning in my pans.

Not generally. I mean some people clean their pans with chainmail.


I wash my chainmail in the dishwasher, get’s a might smelly.


I went to Amazon, where I was directed and to me it appears that the business end is

You might try it in the clothes washer with some steel-woolite. Throw the cast iron skillet in there, too, for a two-fer. :wink:


Can I come to your house and you can show me how to do it. Will bring pizza :pizza: and weed.


Sure thing. You have to bring the chain mail, too. We’re rich in skillets but poor in chain mail.
The trick is to throw in a few tennis balls to keep things fluffy.


It’s mirror polished, so the blade is reflecting a white light box or large reflector. The description says stainless. No other materials are mentioned.

It appears that this is not made in America anymore, they don’t distinguish on their page which items are now outsourced

I really don’t get that. “Seasoning” is the brown stuff we work hard to scrub off of our other pans. It’s hard to get off, even with detergent, but steel, including chainmail, should be abrasive enough to do just that, unlike plastic non-scratch scrubbers. But I’ve never bothered to get a chainmail scrubber to try scrubbing seasoning off of a steel pan to see… :thinking:

I much prefer a slotted spatula, stainless steel, for most pans and purposes. That looks like my wok spatula, which is also a must have for me (solid with a curved blade rs her than a straight end for my pan/skillet spatula). A silicon one for emptying pots and bowls and that’s it. I’m good with three, but I need all three.

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Is a cast-iron spatula perfect for use on an All-Clad skillet?

I’m a convert; I use it on both cast iron and carbon steel. It is less aggressive than scraping stuff off with something else (like a spatula) but very effective.

But did it save your sanity?


If you mean ‘manufactured abroad’, that is not what ‘outsourced’ means.

When I wrote this I was totally kidding. I thought when people said they washed their skillets with chain mail they meant this:

And that they were joking too. @Papasan , when you said yours got smelly I assumed you were traipsing around the desert in it.
TIL :joy:


It’s a turner, not a spatula.