Silicone spoon spatula: essential kitchen tool


Can you poke a lava flow with it?


One should note that the red color is actually important. Tomato sauce stains white or other light colored silicone. The red masks tomato stains.


I can’t but help think of the Spoonula entry in the following:

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I use a different brand, but FWIW I totally agree that a metal-spined silicone spoon/spatula is essential cooking equipment. I haven’t had any staining issues, myself, and I cook a lot of chili, pasta sauce, etc.


BTW, that’s a right-handed spatula spoon. That’s probably why I use another brand!

Dog absolutely loves to eat these. Expensive dog toys!

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I love the one-piece construction on these. No crevices to grow nastiness. If you get a different model, make sure is it a single solid piece of silicon. The only one I could find last time I went shopping had a silicon head but a plastic handle, which aside from being harder to clean meant you couldn’t rest the handle on the edge of a hot pan.


Does it come in blue. Because then if I used it I would yell “Spoooon!”

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Same here. Mine is by Tovolo, and I had a buy a second because it was the best spoon in my kitchen. It’s one of the few things that stands a chance against my grandmother’s peppernut dough. (The handle isn’t silicone-coated though, and that would be nice for working with hot things.)

That is exactly what I have been wanting. I’m surprised I’ve never seen such a thing here in the land of gadgets.

I found it really difficult to find silicone stuff in China - I guess most people don’t use it as ovens aren’t that common.

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