This silicone 'Scoop and Spread' is one hell of a kitchen tool

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Buy all the unnecessary and redundant plastic knick knacks b/c screw the world!

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What a coincidence, my wife says “scoop and spread” was her nickname in high school.
I don’t get it, but it seemed to cheer her up a bit.


May be better this way…


The tool is also wonderful at getting peanut butter out of a jar

When you can’t even do that properly…


Is that you?

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Ah, no.


I’d do Nutella, but not pb


If a tool does a job better than other tools (spatulas, scoops, etc) then doesn’t that make it both necessary and non-redundant?

How does it work with the devil’s condiment, mayonnaise?

I’ve had one of these for a few years and… it’s more of a lukewarm “heck” of a kitchen tool. The thin, more rigid end is pretty useless-- it’s a poor substitute for a narrow offset spatula. The scoopy silicone end is more useful, but still doesn’t win out over a small silicone spatula. FWIW these are pretty rocking:

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nothing quite like a handful of jam wake you up in the morning.

Is a handful of jam what the kids call it these days?

If these did anything besides separate people from their money and shit up the earth with more plastic you’d be correct. I mean, if someone had zero kitchen tools and bought this set, sure. But going out and buying more crap to optimize your mayonnaise experience is bad. There’s a reason you don’t see pro cooks using garbage like this. It ain’t the wand, it’s the wizard.

I am correct. Different people use different tools, and sometimes those tools are an improvement. JosephJoseph makes a similar tool that’s extremely high quality; my mom pretty much replaced all of her spatulas, scoops, and cooking spoons with one utensil that she’s been using daily for about ten years now. Seems to me that some well made tools can reduce the amount of plastic going into landfills.

It also seems to me that you’re suggesting that the only way to properly make kitchen tools is to fashion twigs into scoops. Things cost money in this world, I’m sorry to tell you.

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