Check out this D&D-style choose-your-own-adventure book from Chuck Tingle

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Which page ends up with “Pounded in the butt by a D100”?

Asking for a friend.


“Some decisions may even lead you from medieval Billings into a modern fantasy world where you lead an unfulfilled life with an office job, relying on medieval fantasy roleplaying games to escape.”

This is too close to reality, I want actual “fantasy”!

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Chuck Tingle always makes me grin like a goof, and I love him for that.

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Will you defeat the unicorn necromancer and his army of sentient undead character sheets?

Chuck Tingle is progressively becoming more and more meta - at some point he’ll turn into his own sentient dimension.

i want to go there 30 rock GIF


He needs to make some sexy versions of these books under the series title CYOA (Covet Your Own Ass).



Anyone familiar with the speculation that Chuck Tingle is actually Andrew Hussie? I only heard of it recently on account of a slight uptick in news coverage about Homestuck/MS Paint Adventures.

Of course, lots of people have written D&D-style choose-your-own-adventure books, but this would not be at all inconsistent.

Like any choose-your-own-adventure-type story

Careful now, some overly litigious company has copyrighted that phrase. Given that they don’t seem to be publishing any books, in my mind that makes them trolls.

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