Check out this excellent video for the new Moog Sound Studio

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give it to me GIF

Expensive, tho. $1400 or so.


that looks pretty cool. i own a moog grandmother and a matriarch which i have patched together to add two off the grandmother’s oscillators to the matriarch’s as inputs into the stereo delay. i’ve also run the output of the grandmother with spring reverp into the matriarch’s delay unit. moog makes high quality equipment and their semi-modular stuff is amazingly flexible when you want to do some patching. the matriarch has four attenuverters which lead to some pretty sweet possibilities too.


when i got the matriarch it was on sale for $1499/reg. $1699 and it goes for $1999 now. $1499 is really not bad considering.


True! Moog is worth the cost, too. Well-made instruments.


Oh man this is tempting AF, and the video ad really sells the hell out of it! Aaaaahhh…


Is there a way to plug in a keyboard so that when you have an interesting sound, you can play a tune?

Yes. But part of the point I assume is that Bob Moog regretted pairing up with a keyboard as a default. It took something new and tried to make something old with it. It’s skeumorphic. An electric abacus as Douglas Adams said.

West coast didn’t.

Also, in tuning news: Inside MTS-ESP, the new tuning tool from Oddsound and Aphex Twin - CDM Create Digital Music


I own an OP-1 that’s been collecting dust and I am tempted to sell it and buy the Subharmonicon version of this.

See this video here for someone using a keyboard connected to the appropriate patch points to play a polyphonic tune on the Subharmonicon. I did something similar with the Moog Werkstatt I purchased recently.


Just get a Moog Grandmother. One of the best analog synths on the market.


Jean-Michel Jarre is prolly having multiple “organisiams” from this…

I feel like it probably is unsatisfying as modular and wouldn’t add much over something like a Digitakt or OP-1 for a sequencer/synth. I wish I had one anyway.

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