Check out this stunningly strange double optical illusion

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Followed light grey one, other one stayed white.
Looked at cross, non-moving spots did disappear.

1/2 aint bad, I suppose. :wink:


i think it is the dark gray dots that turned green if i followed the light gray dot around the circle, not the white dot.


Nothing turned green for me, at all.

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The colors didn’t change for me. I’m green colorblind–I can see green, but not well–so maybe that is why I and others aren’t seeing a change?


no greenness observed here either

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Indeed, though they turned a medium dark blue for me that intensified in hue the more I followed the dot


I couldn’t reliably get either effect to work (though I’ve had success with Troxler illusions before).

One interesting thing I did notice this time was that as I stared at the center, the ring of circles eventually became a ring of vaguely polygonal blobs. It was quite fascinating.

Yeah, no green dot for me either. Maybe it depends on the relative size of the screen in our field of vision? I’m on mobile, vertical, though held it at different lengths.

The disappearing dots kind of worked, it was more like the moving dots were carrying trails of dots that didn’t quite make it around the whole circle.

I liked that one because it felt entirely neural and not psychological, kind of like the dot disappearing into your blind spot. (I know most optical illusions are neurological, but they don’t always feel that way.)

I tried to focus on the moving dot, but my eyes… so everything doubled and blurred but nothing turned green.

So then I tried to focus on the center cross but a cat decided to sit on my chest, obscuring the view.

I thought for sure the illusion was that the two moving dots are exactly the same color.

Tried to follow the moving gray dot and I started turning green.


I noticed a green ‘halo’ around the dark grey dots, but the white one stayed white (or maybe beige).
Staring at the cross made the dots disappear in only about five seconds, it was really impressive.

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