This image will disappear if you stare at it long enough

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Couldn’t get it to disappear but saw it fade. Cool.


How about disappearing from somebody’s memory?
“Out of sight, out of mind. Due to a fluke of quantum mechanics, no one can remember Nat Morgan for more than a minute after he’s gone. It’s a useful ability for his career as a CIA agent, even if he has to keep reminding his boss that he exists.”

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It did! It disappeared! My whole screen turned black and I couldn’t see it anymore. Amazing!


“This image” --> “Any image,” FTFY

But in all seriousness, brains are fascinating. Staring at an image is essentially a kind of concentration meditation, and meditation practices can do some really interesting things to sensory perception.


I can easily see it disappear but even a small eye movement brings it back.


Nah, with all this site’s pop up ads and banners changing all around it, it never disappears.


That was fun. I hope to see something similar upon expiry.

could this particular one have to do with how colors burn into your eyes? you can see that effect clearly if you have colored sunglasses and hold it only over one eye for a while. take it of and look without glasses as your surroundings with one eye and then the other. the eye that had the colored sunglasses will perceive the world tinted the opposite color. I first noticed this with old school 3d glasses. another similar effect is those illusions where you stare at a negative image a while and then look at a blank wall and see a ghost image in positive. or when you stare at the sun for a second and see purple dots everywhere you look (dont try that one at home. thats happened to me accidentally). I assumed these these things had to do with the rods or cones in your eye and not your brain…

I couldn’t get the one in the post to disappear either. But if you follow the link to Wikimedia, there’s a version with a cross in the middle. Staring at that one worked within 10 seconds or so.


The purpose of the green dot’s blinking may be to help you sustain your focus on it. When I focused on any one of the yellow dots (and sustaining it wasn’t easy), all of the other dots (including the green one) disappeared.

Thanks! That one worked.

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I needed to see it in a larger format, covering more of the screen (probably so other screen elements didn’t interfere).

Don’t move your eye for a few seconds and BAM it turns into a greyed hightmap. Move your eyes a fraction and it’s back.

Pretty cool!

Will this work for 45?

[Sorry, couldn’t resist]

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Well, his followers do seem to spend a lot of time looking at him without really seeing him…

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